X Genius Ways to Use the Available Space in a Small Apartment

Small apartments don’t have to be incomplete or inadequate for your family.

All you need is some amount of cash at your disposal and this guide to turn your small living space into a multi-functional and tech upgraded sanctuary worth everyone’s envy. 

Without much delay, let’s dive right into some cool and easily applicable ideas to help you live life king size. Read on!

  • Add a Loft

You can add a loft above your open kitchen or the sitting space in the living room.

Not only kids, but even adults enjoy a fun element in the decor like a loft. Whether you have a friend staying over or you like to lie quite above the ground, a loft makes complete sense for your decor.

  • Install Huge Windows

Huge windows let tons of natural light come in, which further creates the illusion of a wider space.

Keep your windows to door ratio higher if you don’t want to feel stuffed in your small apartment.

  • Invest in Smart Furniture

Smart furniture is the future, and investing in it is probably the best decor move, especially for you. 

  • Use worktops that convert into a dining space. 
  • Invest in otters that come with storage options.
  • Install bookshelves on the sides of your favourite door

Also, reduce furniture in your home by opting for lower-sitting, thus giving the illusion of a vertically bigger space. 

  • Opt for Sliding Doors or Mirror Partitions

Who said you need doors in every room?

You can use mirror partitions for a visible difference without making the room look tiny.

In case you want something quirky and less fixed, opt for sliding doors to differentiate different spaces easily. For a unique partition, you can also use curtains to your aid. 

Since we are already talking about differentiating the room, play with the paint colours in your home to creatively curate a different space without physical partitions. 

  • Install a Wall Bed

Do you want to add an element of surprise in your decor? Then, install a wall bed.

Desk wall beds in Melbourne Australia, are gaining popularity in the market, and we can’t wait for you to try it out.

When folded, you can use the back of the bed as your workstation, bookshelf, decorative element and lots more. 

  • Maximise Your Storage

We have already told you about a loft and innovative ways to install a bookshelf and multi-functional furniture. 

However, there are other ways to maximise your storage even better. Use the space under the stairs by turning into your storeroom hidden in plain sight. 

You can also install retractable drawers in the washroom and kitchen for better storage. 

No space is too small to renovate and upgrade. Use this guide to give your home a unique makeover and maximise the use of your available space. Good luck!

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