Work.Play.Rest. {Holiday Gift Guide 2015}

Looking for a way to give your family and friends the gift of working better, playing harder, and resting easier.  Look no further.  XenseS has you covered.XSense has products that are “scientifically backed, pleasant smelling, and made using completely natural ingredients” to help you work beter, play harder, and rest easier. Made with a proprietary mix of natural and pure ingredients these scents could be just what you are looking for to make your day even better.


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XSense sent me a small sampler of their three scents.  This is nice way to see which scent is fit for you.  I wouldn’t necessarily say this size makes a great present but they have bigger versions of scents that would make a nice gift.  Include one of their diffusers with it to allow them to use it in larger areas like home or the office and you have a killer gift.  Pick which scent you would like depending on where you would like to see improvement in your day.Users simply apply one of xSense’s three scents, PlaySense, WorkSense, or RestSense, directly under the nose and allow the scent to help them exercise more efficiently, work better, and rest easier throughout the hectic holiday season and into the new year. Plus, the oil-based, alcohol-free scent is only detectable to the user, remaining unnoticeable to others.

xSense products can be purchased directly from in the following sizes:

  • Deluxe sample pack of 3 multi-use vials of PlaySense, WorkSense, and RestSense: $14
  • 10 milliliter (0.3-oz) roller-applicator bottle of PlaySense: $45
  • 3-pack of 10 milliliter bottles each of PlaySense, WorkSense, and RestSense: $95

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