Smile Brilliant Led Teeth Whitening System

The Smile Brilliant! LED whitening system is the most affordable and effective teeth whitening product on the market. The accelerator light is used to accelerate the teeth whitening process while the whitening pen is quick, clean, and convenient. Rapidly removes surface stains and penetrates deep to bring out that beautiful, white smile!Like many people I am very self-conscious of my teeth. I go to the dentist every 6 months for my regular cleaning and have even had braces.  However, I have never whitened my teeth.  One of the things that always stopped me from doing so was the anxiety I get from believing that the whitening gel would taste horrible. Weird, I know!! When I was asked to review the Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening System I naturally had mixed feelings but was very excited to have whiter teeth.

These are the steps I went through using the Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening System:


Remove the cap of the applicator to expose the brush tip.  Twist the very bottom of the pen to release gel into the brush tip.  (It can require up to 40 twists to get gel flowing)


Once gel has begun to flow into the brush tip, paint on a healthy layer of whitening get onto each tooth. You may need to give the pen a few cranks after you have painted 2-3 teeth.


Press the “on” button to activate the light. Insert the clear part of the light into your mouth so the light sits against your lip guard. Wrap your lips around the clear piece to hold in place. The back part holding the battery should remain outside the mouth.  Leave light in your mouth for 20-45 minutes. You may choose to continue your bleaching session for up to 1-2 additional hours without light.

I was pleasantly surprised that the gel stayed on my teeth and did not ooze off into my mouth. I also did not taste any of the gel, which was a major plus!! The guard fit comfortably in my mouth without any huge discomfort.  Also, the LED light was not hard to keep in my mouth.  Although, my husband did laugh at how ridiculous I looked. I left the light and the gel on for 30 minutes and with only one use I noticed a difference. I plan on using the Smile Brilliant Here’s what Erin and Amanda had to say about their experience with Smile Brilliant.

I was so excited to receive the LED Teeth Whitening Kit from Smile Brilliant. I am always looking to take care of my teeth and I am actually going to be interviewing for teaching jobs in the next couple of months so I figured it would be a good time to whiten up my pearly whites a bit. I’ve always heard that your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you so I want my smile to sparkle! This stellar at-home teeth whitening kit includes everything you will need for your treatments; LED light, brush on whitening gel {in a brush pen}, and lip guard. It is very simple to use. Brush the whitening gel evenly on your teeth, insert the soft plastic lip guard, place the led light up to your teeth for 20-40 minutes, then leave the gel & lip guard on your teeth for 1-3 hours. I have used the kit twice since receiving it and find it so easy to use, especially in the evenings. After the kid have gone to bed I have time to catch up on my e-mails, watch a few of my favorite shows, and do a little housework before bed. For me, it’s the perfect time to do a little teeth whitening! I have noticed a little change in the whiteness of my teeth, but like I said, I’ve only used the products twice. I’m sure I’ll see a more drastic difference after a few more treatments. I have also only been leaving the tray with the gel in for an hour. I have somewhat sensitive teeth, so I never leave any whitening product on for too long at one treatment. So far, so good; I have noticed no increased sensitivity from the Smile Brilliant LED Teeth Whitening Kit. I am looking forward to a brighter smile and I know it will give me that extra boost of confidence I need when walking into my upcoming interviews! ~Amanda

I have always wanted a whiter smile. I have tried a few different things…just over the counter stuff. It ins’t that they don’t work, because the couple that I have tried seem to get me a few shades whiter, but they are SO expensive to use. After trying Smile Brilliant’s LED Teeth Whitener, I may have found a great compromise. White teeth, not too expensive. The whitener is very easy to apply. You simply “paint” the gel on your teeth with a little brush. I love that you can crank the gel into the applicator pen. No mess! Once the gel is on, you put the trays in. Simply pull your lips back and hold the LED light up to your teeth. I used the light for 45 minutes and then left the trays in an additional 20 minutes. When I took the light out, there was slobber galore. GROSS! I have done the process twice. The first time, my teeth were a little sensitive for the first day, then back to normal. No sensitivity problems the second time. I did feel like the whole process took a while. It is difficult to not be able to talk or communicate at all while you have the trays in. On my second use, I applied everything and then got in the shower (I was careful to not get the light wet). I finished my 45 minute light treatment while blowing my hair dry and then giving it a curl. Again, a little inconvenient, but doable. The results are amazing. For less than $40, you get multiple whitenings with great results. I love the product. I think it worked extremely well, but a little inconvenient. ~Erin

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