Natural Ways To Tighten Skin On Your Face And Neck

As we age, when it comes to our skin, things tend to not be as “tight” as we used to be. This can especially be the case when it comes to our face and neck. If you’ve been noticing that the skin under your eyes has a bit more of a droop or your neck seems to sag in a way that it hasn’t before, don’t immediately assume that you need to sign up for cosmetic surgery. There are actually things that you can do naturally to tighten your skin in those areas right on up.

Here are five of them:

Tone your skin. Aside from the fact that skin toner is extremely refreshing and soothing, because it plays a pivotal role on closing up the pores, it also brings a result of having tighter skin in the facial area. While you could spend lots of dollars on expensive commercialized brands, applying witch hazel with some cotton pads or even just a few splashes of cool water following washing your face can work wonders too.
Use a mask. Another method that is highly-effective in tightening up the skin around the face and neck is applying a mask. It purifies and restores elasticity. Some mask ingredients that are especially effective include honey, oatmeal, egg and even a simple combination of baking soda and distilled water. For some recipes, go to your favorite search engine and put in “At-home facial mask recipes” in the search field.

Try some yoga. Most of us have heard that beauty radiates from the inside out. One form of exercise that is great for toning up the muscles within your face is yoga. When you inhale and exhale while doing certain poses, make it a point to hold your face in certain positions as well. It will aid in naturally firming up your face along with the area right under your chin. Roll your neck. We’ve already discussed that one natural facial muscle toner is yoga. Another one is doing a kind of exercise that hones right in on the neck area specifically. If you’ve done aerobics or Zumba class before, then you’re probably familiar with it. Whether you’re in the standing or sitting position, make sure to keep your posture as straight as possible and move your head from left to right, all the while touching the left ear to the left shoulder and vice versa .

Do this about 10 times. Then move your head into from left to right and alternate by moving your chin down to your chest. Do this 10 times as well. Make sure to move slowly, completing each rotation. This will help to firm and elongate the neck; also great for toning up the sagginess in the under-the- chin area. Eat right. Did you know that your diet plays a direct role in how tight your skin and neck looks? Studies reflect that foods that are rich in antioxidants also help to restore collagen within the skin. So, what foods should you add to your daily intake list? They would include fruits like berries, citrus fruits, grapes, watermelon and pears. Other foods like red beans, olive oil, artichokes, avocados, dark green vegetables, and dark chocolate are good for you (in this manner) too. Also, if you want to sip your way to tighter skin, red wine, green tea and pomegranate juice are all welcome additions to any “skin tight and right” regimen.

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