Slim Wear & Skin Care in One! {Skineez Review}

What is better than summer dresses? I am LOVING skirts and fun summer dresses right now! For those hot summer days, they are refreshing and easy peasy! Summer is in full swing right now, but what about in a couple months? That is always something that I have to work at. Transitioning from Summer to Fall wardrobe! Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dressing for the fall. Back when I was in college, I used to say I loved fall for sweater season. I’ve kinda gotten over the whole sweater thing, at least for the moment, and am in LOVE with cardigans. So, I love Fall for cardigan season!. Oh! And for boots too!) But what about all those fun skirts? Well, I’ve finally gotten on the legging bandwagon. I know! It’s only taken me a couple of seasons to get with it! Leggings are so versatile.

They can easily go under skirts, tunics, dresses, and under jeans for shaping if you have to awesome ones I got to try out! They are called Skineez! They are a new company that brought the science of cellulite skincare to shape wear. These are awesome! SKINEEZ™ Skincarewear™ are comfortable and highly effective garments that constantly deliver healthy and natural cosmetic ingredients to your skin while you wear them. Why Skineez? Skineez is proven to reduce inches and firm loose skin without diet and exercise! You will see results in as little as five days! They are so comfortable, they can be worn to bed or for any occasion in your busy work and leisure lifestyle. Skineez is a gift that gives your body a new makeover or an inexpensive spa treatment! SKINEEZ SKINCAREWEAR™ garments are a whole new dimension in women’s apparel.

They feature a patented new technology that weaves the garments with microcapsules that moisturize and smooth your skin while you wear them. Each microcapsule, designed to protect the ingredients inside, is a balanced combination of anti-cellulite ingredients (retinol, caffeine, red algae extract) with natural-based moisturizing ingredients (shea butter, apricot kernel oil, rose hip oil, vitamin E). The special fabric is treated with the microcapsules during the manufacturing process.  When the garment is worn, the body’s heat and the friction from wearing the garment, slowly release the patented embedded cosmetic ingredients onto the skin.

The garment can be replenished after washing up to 10 times with the SKINEEZ slimming spray. Something else that’s great is that they are reversible with two colors, so you get two leggings options in one! How cool is that!). While I haven’t had a chance to wear these babies all day to try out their shaping benefits (it’s too darn hot right now but you can bet I will as soon as the temperature cools off!), there are some awesome testimonials of others who swear by Skineez! I was generously sent the navy/black combo, which is perfect for Fall! Skineez also specializes in other shape wear too, like the Torso & Thigh Smoother, Waist Slimming Kit and Camisole, just to name a few! Thanks Skineez! Here’s to a fashionable and shapely Fall!

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