The Worlds Best Plastic Wrap Dispenser Chicwrap Review

As a kid, I had a fascination with the kitchen.  I loved all the gadgets and supplies I watched my mom use, and often snuck them to my room to play “restaurant” or “store”.  With carbon copy order pad in hand, I asked whomever came to visit, if they’d like to try my “special of the day”. S0 much fun!!  It’s kinda funny how as a child we’ll pretend to participate in these activities then when we grow up want to avoid them.  I’ll admit, my interest in kitchen gadgets and supplies still exists.  As a mommy though, I am on the lookout for items that make my meal prep and clean-up quick and simple.  We’ve found a genius product to help in this endeavor…….ChicWrap…….a special box that allows you to easily apply plastic wrap to your leftovers, baked goodies and more!Meet the next generation of plastic wrap dispensing and simplify your life with style. The ZipSafe Slide Cutter, 250′ professional plastic wrap, sustainable wipe-clean design, and non-skid rubber feet make ChicWrap a must have for anyone who shares the passion of cooking.

$9.99 and works with all brands of plastic wrap!Of course I was giddy to try ChicWrap, because my battle with the plastic wrap box has always been an irritation it usually wins!  It seems no matter how I’ve tried to keep the plastic wrap smooth and avoid falling in on itself, I fail.   A time or two I’ve even gotten clawed by the little metal teeth on the box….ouch!  Thank you ChicWrap, you have given me hope.  With six artistic patterns to choose from, finding a style to fit your kitchen isn’t a problem.  I selected the Sunflower pattern and when it arrived, I set to work assembling its included pieces; non-skid rubber feet and ZipSafe Slide Cutter.  Very easily peel and stick each piece onto its outlined area and Voila, ready to use.  Since I just finished making a fruit salad, it was the perfect opportunity to see the ChicWrap in action.  I pulled the edge of the professional plastic wrap out of the slit in the top of the box, then pulling toward the cutter side, I attached it to my bowl (no more fumbling to keep the edge straight).

Finally, I slid the cutter across the box, leaving a nice clean edge to use next time and avoiding curled edges.  Although you could certainly hold the box, I chose to set it on my counter and let the rubber feet hold it in place.ChicWrap makes a great gift for the foodie friend who has everything, or a housewarming gift for someone who’s just starting out!  You can purchase replacement rolls of the professional plastic wrap for $15.99/4, or use most standard size rolls you find at the supermarket. This is what my fellow REAL MOMS had to say about their. When I was younger I worked for several years in the food industry.  We prepped food every morning so later in the day we would be prepared to quickly serve our customers.  I remember having a plastic wrap dispenser like this one…but in a huge bulk size.  I loved using that dispenser because it was so easy and made me feel like a real food pro.  I always wondered why someone didn’t make it in a size for the home. 

I received the Triangles design from Chicwrap.  Super cute!  I love not only having a cute plastic wrap dispenser but one that makes kitchen life easier, like back in my food service days.  There is no hassling to keep the plastic wrap from scrunching up when you cut it.  It is easy to drape over the food or container and slide the cutter across the top of the box.  Love it!  I will use it over and over again!!   ~  CrissaI was thrilled to get a chance to try ChicWrap. I have continually struggled over the years with getting plastic wrap to easily tear and get it applied to my bowls. And sometimes I end up snagging my finger on the sharp edge! Ouch! Years ago I found a box of wrap that was similar to Chicwrap’s design. It was just some store brand but the box was awesome! I refilled that baby for so long, and kept taping and taping it when it started to wear out….sadly I was never able to find it again. Until now!!!! I was SO excited when I realized ChicWrap was the same idea! This makes getting your stuff wrapped up a breeze.

Especially if you are wrapping something that needs to be wrapped on the bottom too! I love the non-slip holds on the bottom and especially the easy slide cutter that is NOT sharp! I got the citrus pattern and love how bright and friendly it is! I know this will last me many years to come and thrilled with it! ~ AudreyLOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I am 100% in love with this new staple in my kitchen!  I use a lot of cling wrap.  I am constantly cutting my finger, getting the starting place lost/stuck together, or just switching to tin foil (not my favorite). I love that the blade is totallyenclosed.  Not only can I not cut my finger off trying to cut the wrap, my kids can’t either.  I also love that with one smooth slide of the blade, I have a perfectly cut piece of wrap.  The box is darling, I got the triangles.  It is cute enough that I keep it on my counter all of the time.  This is a must in every kitchen.  I was thrilled to see that refills were available. 

I know that any wrap can be used, but this is good stuff!  Did I say that I LOVE it?

Erin I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want to pretty up their saran wrap box! ChicWrap is the perfect upgrade from that brand box and it functions SO much better! I chose the California pattern ChicWrap; I just loved the colors and design of that specific box. With it’s easy to clean surface it’s a breeze to just wipe clean and keep looking fresh and new. As soon as it arrived I easily placed the dots on the bottom {to keep it steady on the counter} and the Zipsafe slide cutter on the top.It was so simple and quick, I couldn’t wait to use it! After my first use, I was sold! The ChicWrap was easily dispensed and nicely cut with the ZipSafe slide cutter. No more messy tearing. I don’t know about you, but I usually end up in a web of saran wrap trying to get it smoothed back out to use. With ChicWrap I get a nice clean slice every time! ChicWrap is a great addition to the kitchen and I think I might just be buying up a few as gifts! My mother’s birthday is right around the corner and after using my ChicWrap I think it’s definitely on her wish list! 

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