Sleep Baby Sleep {Merino Kids Cocooi Newborn Baby Swaddle #REVIEW}

I remember when I was pregnant with Peanut, I had no clue what I was doing in the parenting department! (He was my first after all!) My hubby and I took some parenting prep classes through the hospital to help us get comforable with the whole thing… I am REALLY glad I did those classes! One of the classes we took was how to get Baby to sleep better and fuss less during those first couple of months, known as the 4th trimester… the period when Baby is still getting used to being outside the womb and adjusting to this busy, cold, uncomfortable world. One of the things we learned that was really good for newborns is to swaddle! This technique is a LIFESAVER!! Peanut LOVED to be swaddled! We pretty much kept him swaddled most of the time when possible. (It was Mid October so he was nice and snug! I am looking forward to swaddling this little miss when she gets here in a couple of months. Those first months are pretty much survival mode and anything that makes life easier is a welcome breath to me! Of course I am having to get all new blankets because all of Peanuts swaddle blankets are dark boy colors…(I made my own using stretchy jersey knit).I was super excited when I was generously given the opportunity to check out a luxurious swaddle blanket by Merino Kids. This swaddle is the ultimate in luxery for Baby. Made of 100% Merino wool, this company from New Zealand specializes in soft, allergy safe baby sleep gear. The Cocooi Newborn Baby Swaddle and matching hat is a new parent’s dream.Superfine natural merino fabric is luxuriously soft, allergy-safe, and readily absorbs and releases moisture to create the perfect safe micro-climate around your newborn baby’s body in any season.

Nursery room temperatures can fluctuate and a newborn baby often wakes either too hot or too cold because they take time to develop the full capability to regulate their own body temperature. Merino fabric has the remarkable natural ability to cool or warm your baby’s body, regulating their body temperature to keep them cozy without overheating.
I am so excited to use this swaddle in a couple of months. I love that it folds super easy in just three easy steps…(no getting the hang of wrapping with a plain blanket down, which does take some practice!! We used dolls in the class I took last time! ) It adjusts to fit your baby’s body shape and holds firmly in place without resorting to constricting arm restraints, spandex, noisy Velcro or other fasteners, and I love that the fabric is all natural and super breathable… no polyesters! And there is a less chance of overheating due to merino’s natural body regulating capability! The matching hat is perfect for keeping Baby’s head warm!The award-winning Cocooi Babywrap’s diagonal-wing design is a welcome departure from conventional ‘strait-jacket’ swaddling. Your baby has the freedom to move their arms and legs naturally as they did in the womb, without scratching or startling themselves. Natural limb movement is important for early brain development, and helps your baby to settle into a comfortable sleep position.

I also love that the leg pouch allows for quick diaper changes during the night. You can get in without having to unwrap the whole thing, which gets baby back to sleep faster!! This is genius!! It also has a convenient safety belt aperture enabling your swaddled baby to sleep in the car or stroller. The fabric has also been designed to  stay clear of Baby’s face, so you can rest easy knowing your baby is safe at night.The Cocooi Newborn Swaddle is the perfect swaddle to keep Baby safe and secure and comfortable is REAL Mom Recommended! It is the top of the line in baby gear and retails for $69.99. It is available online. It comes in a variety of colors to suit any style…I got the grey and LOVE it!! Here’s to a good night sleep! Thanks Merino Kids!!Audrey has one very sweet boy & has been married for 6 years. She is a licensed massage therapist and enjoys being a SAHM with her little munchkin! She loves working out…especially running, cooking, shopping, makeup, reading, playing the piano, traveling, & spending time with family!

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