Signs it’s time to make your concrete driveway a priority!

Concrete is undoubtedly, one of the most long-living, economical building materials and quite versatile. They can be used in various ways, especially in the form of driveways around our homes. However, no matter how durable it is, it can’t last forever. Even your concrete driveway needs to be cared for. You would think a material as strong as concrete would hold up strong for decades, but sadly that’s not the case. The truth is that your poor concrete driveways have to put with a substantial amount of abuse. They have to deal with extreme cold winters, summer sun, rains along with pounds driving on them each and every day. Now, do you think that’s easy to deal with?

As a sad fact it is, driveways are something people take notice of only when it needs repairs. People fail to realize the importance of caring for your concrete driveways and the important role they play in maintaining the upkeep and look of your property. They are literally the first thing your visitors set foot on, and needs to be repaired/serviced every once in a while. Deciding the extent of the damage and whether you should repair/replace your driveway could be quite confusing. If not properly maintained, your driveway shall deteriorate and be in dire need of a concrete driveway repair. Decorative Concrete is a family owned concreter business and have been delivering the best of services for over 20 years. They are the ones you should contact if you are facing any troubles with your residential or commercial concrete driveway.

Know when’s the correct time to go for a concrete driveway replacement/repair

Though concrete is a quite durable material, they haven’t been able to escape from the cycle of degradation and wear and tear. Often, after the coldest of winters, people witness their driveways to be in a bad shape due to the continuous freeze-thaw history. Apart from winters, there are other damage causing culprits like traffic, use of chemicals etc. which make you contemplate whether you should repair/replace your driveway. No matter what you decide to go for, make sure to hire efficient concreters in Brisbane. But, first let’s take a look at the signs:

  • Driveway cracks: Cracks are one of the most common and biggest signs that your driveway needs help. Long, thin lines start appearing on the surface, though not all of them need replacement. Hairline, minor cracks can be easily repaired and you could just fill it with a patching material. In case of smaller than quarter inch cracks, resealing or resurfacing shall fix the issue.
  • Uneven surface: The next sign that you need to keep a lookout for is the uneven surface of your concrete driveway. If the surface is found to be sloping at one end or is not as smooth as it used to be, your driveway calls for repairs.
  • Water pools: If water pools or accumulates at one end of your driveway or on the surface, post rainfall, your driveway might be suffering from drainage issues. This is generally one of the first signs that you may need to get your driveway fixed.
  • Age: The age of your driveway also tends to serve as an important sign of concrete damage. Concrete driveways usually have a life of around 30 years. If you witness signs of damage near about this time, you should know it’s time to say your old driveway goodbye and get it replaced with a new one.
  • Potholes: Potholes are the result of a continuous expansion and contraction that’s taking place under the surface of your concrete driveway. Though, they mostly occur during winters, they aren’t restricted to it. Minor cracks through which water seeps in and then gets frozen, could cause such potholes. Additional traffic makes these potholes damage your driveway further.

So, these were some of the most common and visible signs that will give you a clear signal regarding the condition of your concrete driveway. Though you can’t prevent natural factors like the weather and ageing, you can definitely take your own measures to protect and increase the longevity of your driveway. Attending to it every once in a while is thus, one of the best precautionary solutions.

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