Curtains or Blinds? This short guide will help you decide

Window decors are as sensitive and required when it comes to adorning your rooms. The right choice can either make or break the entire effort that you have invested in creating the perfect space in your house.

Today we will help you on two types of window treatment – curtains and blinds in Perth. Each of these two has its own set of pros and cons, is made of different quality of material, and has a separate manual for installation. Depending on your requirement, you can decide whether you want curtains or blinds, or a combination of both in your house.

Short Guide on Curtains and Blinds

1. Design and Usage

Blinds provide a modest, fresh aesthetic to the rooms. And being less intrusive they make the room look more significant as compared to curtains. They are made from a wide range of materials like wood, veneer, plastic, and fabric. Opt for automatic roller blinds if simplicity is your taste and you want your rooms to be cool and protected from sun rays.

On the other hand, curtains add style and glamour to your rooms. Available in a differnet range of fabrics and colors, they not only make your room comfortable but also enhance the beauty of it. If you prefer versatility, then curtains should be your choice and not blinds.

But, if you are bored with curtains, and want to try out blinds without compromising on design, go for Roman blinds. Along with the other benefits of blinds, they are also available in a varied range of fabric.

Some homemakers also opt for both curtains and blinds depending on the usage and to increase the variety of your rooms.

2. Sunlight and Privacy

Depending on the color, texture, and opacity particular curtains like blockout curtains can block sun rays from entering your rooms. While curtains let you decide whether you want sunrays in your room or not, you cannot regulate the amount of light in the room with curtains.

On the contrary, blinds provide you this freedom of the desired amount of light in your rooms.  Being made of horizontal or vertical planks, blinds are more flexible. You can adjust the slats to allow the desired light in your room. And while being protected from the scorching heat, you can keep your rooms lit with natural light.

When it comes to privacy, both curtains and blinds are suitable. But, it depends on the material –blinds allow you to enjoy indirect sun rays while cherishing your privacy, curtains majorly can provide either of these two to you. If you prefer curtains but want to enjoy a bit of both sunlight and privacy, check out sheer curtains – they are very trendy and useful.

3. Temperature control

If you want to save energy and keep your rooms cool or warm depending on the weather, then blinds will be a cheaper option than curtains.

When closed, transparent blinds form a natural blockade to heat, while allowing some light in your rooms.  They are perfect for the summers when you can cool your rooms naturally without wasting energy. Some blinds like cellular blinds or roman blinds are very goo0d insulators, and you can use them to keep your rooms warm in the winters.

If you are ready to spend some extra bucks on your window treatment, you can opt for curtains. Thermal black curtains, or blockout curtains, or curtains with linen can keep your rooms more relaxed in the summers, but they block the sunrays completely. If properly installed to the window frame, they can also help you to maintain the temperature in the winters by protecting the rooms from the outdoor cold.


If you prefer design and variety over everything and are ready to spend a few extra bucks, then you must purchase curtains.

However, if you want to keep it simple and give a clean look to your rooms, while cherishing your privacy, opt for blinds.

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