Right, Left, Right, Left {The Juppy Baby Walker Giveaway}

As a TTC woman, I love learning about products that I can use in the future…hopefully near future.  I enjoy reading people’s do’s and don’ts, must-have lists,  and things to watch out for.  When I find products that I hear great things about it makes me even more excited to become a mother.As a young girl I, and perhaps most other girls, dreamed about how I am going to dress my children, how I am going to decorate their rooms, when I am going to take them to Disneyland, etc.  I enjoy dreaming up the future of my children.One thing I have never put too much thought into though, is my child’s first steps.  I have always just imagined that I would strap my baby’s little Nike’s on them and watch them take their first step.  Sure there would be some slips and falls but I could just sit back with my video camera and watch them go.  From crawl to walk over night, right!?  I learned that I have been naive.Mothers, are you nodding your heads?  Are you thinking to yourself, “If only it were that easy!”  I know I have said some things like my above thoughts before and my sisters have said, “You just wait!  You are going to be in for a real eye-opening.”Well apparently teaching a child to walk is a strain on the parents’ back.  Hunching over to prop them up by their little arm pits isn’t as enjoyable and fun as a person might think.  Not to mention that a child learning how to walk may take a few dangerous spills.

The Juppy Baby Walker has created a baby walker that makes sense.  This baby walker is a “doctor recommended training aid for teaching your baby how to walk while saving the strain and stress on your back.”  AND!  to make it even better…it helps your baby to walk sooner!“The baby is placed in the seat of the Juppy while mom or dad simply holds on to the straps, while standing upright, to give support to the baby.  Typically parents tend to hold their babies by the hands or under the arms to teach them to walk. This causes stress and strain on the lower back of the parent and could cause injuries to the child’s arms or joints. The Juppy Baby Walker reduces your pain and eliminates possible injury to your child.”The American Academy of Pediatrics has called for a ban of baby walkers with wheels and it is illegal to sell wheeled baby walkers in Canada.  These can be dangerous.  We all know how fast a child can get away from us.  I have even heard of children falling down the stairs in rolling baby walkers.Start by picking what color you want: blue or pink.  Simply place the baby in The Juppy as if you are sliding on a pair of pants and zip the back of it up.  It holds a child up to 30 lbs and is recommended for ages 7 months or 13 months.  The straps are adjustable to fit short and tall parents.  When you are done using it, return it to it’s carrying bag!

Look how happy babies are in The Juppy:

I can hardly wait to be teaching my child such a fun skill to learn.  I am going to teach them to walk at home, at the park, at Grandma’s, everywhere!  And, I can because it is the only baby walker than can fit in a purse.
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