Turn Up The Tunes {Danika Holmes CD Giveaway}

I love discovering new and fresh music.  There is just something I love about listening to something you don’t hear every 10 songs on the radio.  It is also enjoyable to listen to new voices, new words, and new tunes!Danika Holmes, Americana singer/songwriter, first sat at a piano as a tot, has been writing since her teens, and picked up guitar in her 20’s.  After an attempt at a “normal career” and nearly finishing her PhD, Danika’s heart pulled her full circle back to where she started, with music.“Through my songs I hope to touch hearts in the tough times, as well as celebrate life in the good times.”   –Danika Holmes

A series of traumatic personal events, including the death of her father and a relationship betrayal ending in a broken heart led Danika to re-evaluate her life goals. When at rock bottom she turned to music. Danika began writing down her feelings in song format and spending hours a day playing guitar as a way of clearing her mind. Music became her escape from the reality of her shattered life. Danika believes that even though personally trying situations seem to be impossible to endure while in the midst of them, eventually time will prevail and one emerges as either broken or stronger.“I hope that my songs will help others in the midst of difficult circumstances to emerge stronger.”Life experiences, the influence of her dad, and her passion for music have shaped Danika into the writer and artist she has become today.  Danika says her influences are Sheryl Crow, the Beatles, Duffy, Third Day, Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, and Natasha Bedingfield…to name a few.  She is said to sound like Colbie Caillat, Norah Jones, Jewel, and Dusty Springfield.  All great singers!

Danika released her CD “Second Chances.”  I received this album and love it!  It is calming, soothing, and lifts my spirits.  This is a great CD to sing along to in the car.  I can’t get enough of this acoustic music.  Honestly!
“Danika Holmes isn’t just easy on these eyes. She’s a true American talent… I couldn’t stop listening!! She’s in my CD player right now.”  –Mike Wolfe (American Pickers, The History Channel)To top everything off….she is a midwest girl like me.  In fact, she is from Davenport, Iowa…just 2 hours from my parents home! My favorite song is You Make A Bad Day Good (Track 3).  It is the perfect love song!  The words “The way you hold me near, one kiss for every tear, you listen to my fears…you…you…”  remind me of my marriage.  My husband does just that.  I swear Danika wrote this song about my hubby and I…see…”And even when I’ve said too much, you never push me away/Sometimes when I’m sad, it’s that silly face that makes me laugh.”  What a wonderful song.  Thanks Danika!
To listen to some of the songs on the album “Second Chances” go to her My Space page or her website.  Become a fan on facebook and don’t miss out on what is going on with Danika.  You will become addicted too!  Get to know her more by watching her videos.  She looks like she would make a great friend….watch the last video!  What a fun personality!

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