Red Hot Eshakti Review

One of my favorite things about being a girls is getting dressed up.  I love wearing heels, dresses, makeup, and having my hair and nails done just right…especially if someone else does them for me   Before my son was born I was working full time and dressed up a lot more often.  I know it might sound weird but I miss it, the getting dressed up part, not work.Seems like fashion is so open and at-your-own will now that you can get dressed up for any occasion and not have people saying, “What are you all dressed up for?”  So ladies, pull out your dresses, skirts, heels, and jewels!  Let’s wear them out!!

eShakti is the perfect place for all shapes and sizes to find gorgeous, fashionable pieces.  They offer sizes 0-36W PLUS they can customize sizes and styles to fit any body.  Have trouble finding clothes to fit your large chest and bitty waist, small chest and curvy hips, or super curvy or super straight body?  Find a dress you like but wish it was longer, had sleeves, or had a different neckline?  NO WORRIES!  Send eShakti your measurements, choose your customizations, and they will customize the clothing to fit your body like a glove!!  Now that is the most genius idea any clothing company could have!!Here is what I am talking about.  Look at the above dress.  It is all the same dress, just customized.  Different necklines.  Different sleeve lengths.  Different lengths.  Also, if it had pockets or embroidery you could remove them if you wanted.  I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this concept!I LOOOOVVVVEEE eShakti!  I can’t even tell you how nice it is to find just what I want and not have to pass on it because it doesn’t have sleeves or is too short.  I don’t like to show too much skin, especially now that I am a mother.  That is why I love the customization that eShakti offers.
eShakti sent me this dress:

But mine looks like this:

That’s right!  It is different!  Because it can be!!  Mine has elbow length sleeves and is below knee length.  It comes with pockets and I chose to keep those….I think this is my only dress with pockets!  Love it!  It is also customized to my personal measurements.  This is important to me because one size at store A isn’t the same as store B.  Then I get all confused as to what size I really am.  Giving eShakti my measurements makes me more comfortable in ordering online, a fear of mine.  (Is that a weird confession for a product reviewer to have?  It is the truth though!  I return a lot of ill-fitting clothes that I order online.  They never fit like they promise to.)This dress is made with top of the line cotton, woven poplin that is preshrunk and bio-polished for luster and smoothness.  It is lightly crisp and midweight.  It doesn’t have any stretch in it.  I don’t mind that but I wouldn’t mind if it had a little in it either.  This dress fits PERFECTLY!  It is like I went in, was measured, had the dress made, went in for a fitting, and had it finished….but I didn’t!  It really couldn’t get any better.I can hardly wait to stick a pair of brown boots on with this dress.  I could even mix it up with black tights and patent leather shoes.  Oh wait!  I could throw on my white heels for a springy look.  OOOO!  This is going to be fun!!

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