Artsy Animal App {Merry Cherub IOS App #REVIEW}

Children seem to be intrigued with animals as soon as they lay their eyes upon them. Both of my children are animal lovers. They love our two dogs and are always up for a trip to the zoo or our friends’ farms to see and pet all the animals! As soon as I saw the gorgeous animal illustrations in the Merry Cherub IOS App for iPhone and iPad I knew the kids would adore it. “Rich original illustrations of animals are revealed when your baby touches the screen of your iPad or iPhone. Your baby or toddler is drawn to the exciting reveal effects, which include sparkly stars, rippling water, autumn leaves and twining flowers. Relaxing music gives Merry Cherub a soothing quality.” One Monk Clapping.

One Monk Clapping Created a stunning, educational, and fun app for young children when they created the Merry Cherub IOS App. It is a universal app which has been developed to look & function equally well on both iPad and iPhone. As soon as I downloaded the App onto my iPhone, my kids were ready to test it out! Beautifully made pictures of animals start off covered by vines, stars, leaves, and/or flowers. Your child sweeps their finger across the screen to reveal the hidden animal. You then hear the name of the animal in both English and Spanish before moving on the next animal picture. The beautiful illustrations, soft music and nature sounds really make this a calming app for children to play!

I have found that my two love playing the Merry Cherub App and are picking up the Spanish animal names from it, which is awesome! They seem intrigued by the artistic animal art and love to guess which animal is about to appear! It has quickly become a favorite app on the iPhone and I love that it is educational as well as fun for them! Encourage multi-lingual skills  Once the animal is revealed, its name is spoken in English followed by the animal’s name in another selected language. Future multi-lingual upgrade allow you to teach your child Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic and Hindi.

Merry Cherub already comes with Spanish. Entertainment that is soothing The images, music, and One Monk Clapping returns you to Nature, soothing and enriching, thru the digital world. Providing supportive, educational media for your child. High resolution images specifically support landscape and portrait screen. Reveal effects behave in a natural way no matter what orientation your child holds the screen. Improve your child’s early stages of development  Choose all four reveal effects or repeat baby’s favorite only. One Monk Clapping has also developed similar apps such as Natural Tots,  Natural Tots Birds, Natural Tots Flowers, Natural Tots Scenery.  You can find these apps including Merry Cherub in the iTunes Store.  Merry Cherub sells for $1.99.

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