Powered By Mom {NoseFrida #Review}

When my son was born the hospital gave me a bulb syringe and told me to use it to suck stuff out of his nose.  What the heck?!  I had no idea what they were talking about.  I actually didn’t know what they were talking about until my son got his first cold.  Then I was forced to learn. I quickly learned how to use that thing. I learned that my son hates it.  I learned to hold him down while I sucked out the junk. But one thing I wasn’t prepared to learn was that it can hurt him.  That’s right. One day I shoved that thing too far up there and hurt him.  It was a mixture of “Just hurry and do it.  He is screaming.”and “I was never properly shown how to use this thing.”I felt bad when he started screaming.  I could tell that I had hurt him. That is when I decided I would just wait until stuff came out and I could just pick it out of the edges of his nose.

Well that idea worked for about half a day. The poor kid couldn’t breathe when he ate because he had so much stuff in his nose. When he slept he snored because he was all stuffed up. I had to just suck it up (no pun intended) and get the boogers out. Nose Frida to the rescue…and thank goodness! Now don’t get grossed out because this is actually one of the coolest things ever!  NoseFrida is a snotsucker like the bulb syringe but WAY cooler and WAY better!!  NoseFrida comes to us from FridaBaby, a small “Mom-preneur”company founded by Kaisa Levine. The NoseFrida sucks…NO LITERALLY!  But instead of being powered my mom’s hand it is powered by mom’s mouth!!  Maybe it is a little strange but this Swedish invention works REALLY well.

Okay, here is how it works. Just place the end of the blue tube against your childs nostril to create a good seal. Place the red mouth piece in your mouth and SUCK.  Don’t worry, you won’t get anything in your mouth and you can’t suck too hard.
See this little blue piece? It is the filter.  Even if you suck REALLY hard and it came FLYING from the nose into the NoseFrida the filter would stop it. From my experience though, nothing comes flying up. My baby’s nose is too (okay don’t gag) mucusy for flying. (I know sick huh!?  Hey, it’s life.) Here is a little tip I learned…when you use the NoseFrida if you move the tube in a circular motion against the nostril you will hear and see the mucus coming out of the nose. That makes it easier. Well, that is if your baby is letting you suck out the boogers.  If you have to hold him down like I have on a few occasions you do what you have to do to get in and out quickly. The good thing is, unlike the bulb syringe, you can’t go too far up their nose with the NoseFrida.

Here are today’s findings!

All the pieces come apart for easy cleaning….unlike the bulb syringe.  With the bulb syringe you can’t see if you got all the crap out of the ball.  You either hope you have or you just toss it out and by a new one. So not only is NoseFrida non-invasive (unlike the bulb syringe), cleans easily (unlike the bulb syringe), and can’t go up too far (unlike the bulb syringe) it is actually more powerful.  Parent-powered (by using your  mouth) suction is much stronger and more effective than the static suction of the bulb syringe or battery-powered aspirators.  The boogers actually come out into the NoseFrida instead of hanging out of the nose and then having to be whipped off like the bulb syringe. For $15 you get the NoseFrida and 4 filters (one pre-loaded in it and 3 extras).

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