Pretty In Pink Only Hangers Review Giveaway

I don’t mind doing laundry.  It is actually pretty easy.  I just HATE putting my clothes away.  I don’t know what it is about putting clothes away but I hate it.  I hate putting clothes in drawers.  I hate hanging clothes up.  I hate folding underwear.  I don’t know what it is…I just hate it.  Okay…enough about my hate for putting clothes away   So you could imagine that anything that would make this easier or more enjoyable I welcome whole-heartedly.Only Hangers “designs and manufactures one of the largest and most sought after collection of clothes hangers in America.”  They use high quality materials to produce wooden, plastic, and metal hangers.  They offering their wonderful products at below wholesale prices to anyone…retailers or moms like me!

I have been known to watch an infomerical or two and be so sucked in that I can’t stop thinking about the product.  Sometimes I end up buying it, sometimes I don’t.  One thing I have always had my eye on are the slimline hangers.  I have always wondered if they worked as well as they said they did.  I wanted to see if they really would keep the clothes on the hangers like they said they would.  I wanted to see if they would save space like they said they would. THEY DO!  Only Hangers sent me a 103 piece slimline hanger kit to give myself a little closet makeover.  These slimline hangers are available in black, burgundy, camel, chocolate, hot pink, lavender, linen, pink, platinum, CHEETAH, and ZEBRA!  I really really wanted the zebra but I wasn’t sure how my hubby would react to a closet full of zerba.  So I chose the more subtle hot pink.   Check out my before and after pictures.First of all, you can see I am a little OCD.  I like all my hangers to match, I have them all facing the same way, and my clothes are color coordinated.  Don’t judge.Notice how in the before picture the hangers are practically smashed together.  I have a bunch of clothes stored in the garage because they wouldn’t fit in my closet.  The hangers were literally back to back and I couldn’t fit anymore clothes in the closet.  Then look after the after picture…SPACE!  I wish I would have taken a picture of all the white hangers smashed together and then the hot pink ones.  There is way more room with the pink than there is with the white.

When I used my white hangers I always had problems with clothes falling off the hanger.  I would hang a bunch of clothes, take them to the closet, and when I went to hang them up some were already off the hanger.  GRR!  If a shirt had those little loops to keep a shirt on the hanger, I had to use them.  Otherwise, they were on the floor.  The necks were too wide or the shirt was too slinky to stay on the hanger.  Not with slimline hangers.  Look!  I can hold my shirt at an angle and neither one of the shoulders budge on the hanger.  They stay right in place.  I can wiggle and jiggle the hanger and the clothes don’t move.  HEAVEN!Even though some of the hangers had some damage on them, it didn’t effect their usability.  They still worked perfectly!Having hangers that are cute and keep the clothes on them is sure to help me not hate putting my clothes away as much as I did in the past.  Or at least my hubby is hoping.  All I know is, my husband won’t be stealing any of my hangers.  They are girly all the way.  However, the OCD part of my thinks that my husband needs a set of his own but in blue.  Otherwise we have mismatch hangers!

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