Pecos Belle Review

Howdy Y’all!  My whirlwind of a professionally and personally hectic spring and early summer is winding down, so I’m finally able to sit a spell and sip a glass of sweet tea!  I couldn’t have been more overjoyed when returning from travels to find a package waiting for me from Pecos Belle.  The perfect way to kick off a southern girls summer is with a new pair of boots!!!Aaahh, the smell of leather.  My senses delighted when I opened my boot box.  Not only did I revel in the fragrance, but my eyes couldn’t stop gazing at those GORGEOUS black embroidered cowboy boots.  They felt so soft and luxurious that I had to put them on immediately.If you own a pair of cowboy boots (or pairs, like me ), you know they should be purchased with a snug fit and slight lift in the heel because the more you wear them the more they stretch and mold to your feet.  Years ago I learned my lesson on this when I received a pair of boots for my birthday.  I had to wrangle my feet into these boots, despite being my normal shoe size, so I figured they didn’t fit, even though the footbed felt alright once they were on.  I decided to exchange them for a larger size which were easy to slip into, but more roomy in the footbed.  Now I wish I would have kept the smaller size since over time my boots have stretched and slip even when I wear them with bulky socks.

Due to the handmade nature of cowboy boots, it’s a good idea to ask the company/manufacturer if their sizing runs true.  I normally wear a size 8 1/2 shoe but the helpful staff at Pecos Belle suggested a half size smaller in their brand so I went with a size 8.  The first time I put my Pecos Belle boots on was challenging, but after taking them on and off 3-4 times I’m having no problems.  Once my feet are in, they are wonderfully comfortable.  If you’re worried about sizing, be reassured that Pecos Belle offers exceptional customer service and will not only exchange the boots if they are not the correct size but will also refund original shipping costs!!  Gotta love companies that make customer satisfaction a priority!Now, lets talk about beauty.  First off, Pecos Belle has an amazing selection of hand fashioned boots with design elements including silver and brass studs, inlays, hand braiding and embroidery.  The quality is exceptional and shows through these details.  If you’re a gal that loves fashion and cowboy boots, look no further than Pecos Belle.  I wish I could have one of every style!The “Valencia” boots I received are lovely.  The embroidery is finely stitched in colors of blue, turquoise and gray with floral and flourish patterning.  Although the leather is described as black, it actually has a vintage quality with highlights of gray, LOVE this.  I also love the snip toe which lends itself to both casual and dressed up fashion choices.  I wear my boots with skirts and dresses regularly, so my new Valencias are just the addition my wardrobe needed.  The 1 1/2″ heel and the sole are both made of leather, another fine detail.Thank you Pecos Belle for these lovely new boots.  I have received so many compliments and am always sure to let them know about your brand!

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