Mommy & Baby Time With Prenatal Music! {Lullabelly Review}

Share your love of music with your baby in the womb using any portable music player.While pregnant, I don’t get to do many things for myself and the baby. I am always so busy helping everyone else in our family that it leaves me with absolutely no spare minutes in the day. That’s why I love music. I have my MP3 player with me at all times. My kids know that I love music because it’s always playing. Whether I am folding laundry or making dinner in the kitchen. We are always listening to tunes.I was recently sent the Lullabelly to test out with my unborn baby. The Lullabelly is a prenatal music belt which is super easy to use and it plays music to the womb. I found it very comfortable. You simply hook it up to your MP3 player and you are ready to play sweet tunes to your little baby.
Lullabelly is compatible with any portable music player.

So it was my turn to take some time for myself and my little one growing inside me. I shut the bedroom door and curled up on the bed with a good book. I placed the lullabelly around my belly and played my favorites songs for the baby. I was able to get an hour of relaxation in and I am sure my little unborn baby was a rockin’ too! I am thinking of making this a daily routine. Finally some mommy/baby time.The Lullabelly is available in five colors and you can Buy Online for $55, at your local Baby Depot, or other baby specialty retailers.

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