Over The River And Through The Woods

Over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go. It’s that time of year. Time to load up the kids and head out on the road to visit friends and family this Holiday Season. Well, unless you are lucky enough to get them to come to you. That would be even better! Do you have fun memories of a holiday season and a road trip? Or maybe a summer vacation that you took with the family that you love to reminisce about? I do:

When I think of road trips I have one that comes to mind that I am very fond of. It was time for a family vacation and a much needed break for my entire family. We decided upon Island Park and Yellowstone. We packed up the trailer and truck and headed out on the road. First stop, the store for snacks and goodies. What’s a road trip without red vines and Sobe’s? We then all packed in and off we went. One of the funnest things for me on road trips is the conversations we have. I mean aren’t the topics so random. We can go from talking about the weather to talking about Popsicles and our favorite kind. When we arrived in Island Park we set up camp and then headed into Yellowstone. Note driving through Yellowstone is just that…a lot of driving along with occasional stops to see animals grazing. We mostly saw Buffalo’s, and we did see some Elk. I was hoping and hoping we would see some bears, but nope they weren’t around. Again back to the driving and talking. We did make a stop at an Imax theatre and saw a wonderful film on the animal we wanted to see “Bears”. It was great. We headed back and finished our trip with camping, roasting marshmallows, and making s’mores over the camp fire. Just a good family vacation that was very relaxing and fun.

Share your favorite family vacation with us? Where did you go…what did you do? Any fond memories you have of it? We would love to hear them. Remember if you are going to be traveling this winter on the snow covered roads to practice safety. Winter Tires are designed to deliver safety and control in snow, ice, and cold weather conditions. Many people think that all-season tires can deliver this same performance, but this is not true. The superior traction that winter tires deliver, as much as a 25 to 50 percent increase over all-season tires, can very well be the margin you need to stop in time or turn to avoid trouble.I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Discount Tire blogging program, making me eligible to receive a $50 gift card and be entered for a chance to win a prize valued at $1,000. For more information on how you can participate.

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