Out Of This World!! {Santa’s Little Helpers}

Disney is the best!  I have always loved Disney.  I grew up with a sister who worked at the Disney Store, a Disney Christmas tree, and watching and singing and dancing to all the Christmas movies and songs.  I even married a man who loves it as much as I do!  So we feel like it is our duty to instill Disney in our son from a very early age.  We have him watching the Disney Sing-a-longs, reading Disney books, and wearing Disney clothes….to name a few.  His first birthday was even Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed!One place that I found that makes the most amazing Disney inspired hoodies is Magic Princess Whitney.  This amazing jewel is an Etsy shop owned and run by Whitney Crowder that features handmade and designed Disney inspired hoodies for all ages.  There are even some Mario and Friends inspired things.  These hoodies are made of fleece and cannot be found anywhere else!Aren’t these the MOST AMAZING hoodies ever!?!?  I think they are so freaking adorable.  In fact, the first time I saw them my jaw dropped.  I think they are so cute, creative, and original.  These are not just your run of the mill screen print hoodies that every kid at Disneyland has.  These are handmade character inspired works of awesomeness!Beckham received the coolest hoodie he owns…a Buzz Lightyear inspired masterpiece.  This child sized hoodie is inspired by Disney-Pixar’s BEST film series.  It is recognizable to everyone.  It is made entirely of glacier fleece, high quality material.  It can be made either pull over style or zip-up.  We chose zip-up.

Person Holding Terrestrial Globe Scale Model Taken

Made with foam inserts the buttons can really be pushed and the breastplate and jet pack stand out.  One cool thing about these foam pieces is they velcro off!  This makes it so you can toss your hoodie in the wash….a must for any child’s shirt.  I also like that these velcro off because it makes it a little more compact for packing in a suitcase.  That’s right!  We are taking this piece of art to Disneyland!!I die when I see how cute he is in this Magic Princess Whitney creation.  Whitney makes her own patterns so they may not follow conventional sizing.  She sent me the measurements for this size, the smallest size she currently makes, so we could make sure we picked the right size for him.  Beckham is a skinny little kid and currently wears 12-18 month size.  This is a 2 and just slightly big on him, which if I put him in a 2T I would get the same results.  But we are just going to roll the sleeves up a cuff width and it will work great.  Not to mention he will be wearing this for a while, which is awesome when you have something so cool as thing.  Nothing stinks more than falling in love with a piece of clothing and your kid only getting a few wears out of this.  Beckham is going to wear and wear and wear this hoodie.  If he has a sibling one day, this is high quality and will last through that child (and perhaps a few more) too.

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