Some people feel like a joint is not enough. You can change your smoking habits by using a dab-rig. You can use cannabis extract with much more THC than regular joints, just like dab rigs.

Buying a dab rig is a good investment if you are interested in dabbing. It can be purchased in a shop or ordered online and delivered directly to your home. Let’s now learn more about dab rigs.

What are DAB RIGS?

A dab rig is also known as an oil rig or concentrate pipe. It’s a device that can smoke or vape your favourite extracts such as shatters or crumbles, rosins or live resins, sauces and waxes. Dabbing can give a high-energy kick when you puff it. Dab rigs are for those who love to smoke, medical users, and anyone who wants to have a little more than a regular pipe.

Dab rigs are typically made of glass. The Dab Rig consists of three main parts: the central piece, the nail and the dabber. To heat the wax properly, you will need a torch-like lighter.


There are many benefits to using a dab rig to get CBD or THC.

  • This is the simplest way to get your THC or CBD dosage. This will allow you to get your CBD or THC dose without needing extra plant matter.
  • Dab rigs allow you to get straight to the point faster, and just a little bit is enough.
  • They are good for your lungs and wallet.

Just like all other things, dab rigs also have their downsides.

  • Potency is the first of these benefits. Start with your dab rig experience by being careful about how much product and taking it slow.
  • They should also be high-quality. Be careful when purchasing a dab rig. Make sure only to buy high-quality ones.

It is important to be familiar with all aspects of dabbing. Make sure you read the entire article.


You will need to have a few things to use dab rigs properly. These are a torch, a torch, an alcohol swab, a bowl of water and a bowl with weed concentrate. Let’s get started with the steps once you have everything in place.

  1. Fill the tank with water. To make the water bubble, blow into the tank from the stem. Spill any water that gets into your mouth.
  2. Next, season the nail with carbon to remove oils from pores and stop percolating.
  3. Third, take the wand and add a little of your concentration to it. Then, you can put it aside.
  4. The torch should heat the nail until it is red hot. Wait until the pin stops glowing.
  5. Apply the concentrate to the nail.
  6. Take a deep inhale and exhale until you feel no smoke.
  7. Enjoy your favourite weed concentrate, and take it with you.

You may have difficulty smoking if you don’t do it correctly.


We have some tips to help you choose the right dab rig.

  1. Quality is Important – This is what you should look for when purchasing a high-quality dab rig. You could choose the cheapest available option, but they are more likely to crack due to heat or break because of mishandling.
  2. Smaller Mouthpieces- If you choose a dab rig with a smaller mouthpiece, you can taste the flavour and finish a dab.
  3. Water Filtration It’s not recommended that you use a dab-rig without water. Let your lungs take in the concentrates before cooling down in the water is not a good idea.
  4. Style – Choose the dab rig that best suits your needs. Go over all the pros and cons and then choose the best one. Remember that smaller dabs have more flavour.
  5. Dab tools – Although you may think you can get started with your dabbing experience using just your dab rig and some accessories, you’ll need to have more. You will need a torch to heat your dab nail and a dabber to apply your dabs.
  6. Nail type is aware that each type of material can give you a unique feeling and experience. They will be used differently.
  7. Percolators The best dab rigs have two to four percolators. They don’t cut the water too much but cool the dabs.

Consider the following factors to determine if dabbing is something you would like to try.


Buy your concentrate and dab rigs only from licensed sellers. You will need to clean the rig before preparing it for your next puff.


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