Organize Your Road Trips

Spring Break is coming and a lot of people will be going on road trips.  Road tripping with kids can be tough.  There are so many things they want to take and only so many cup holders and pockets to organize your things in.  Constantly reaching back and handing kids their things just isn’t an option.  But now it doesn’t even have to be a thought!Lässig distributed by HABA USA, a company blending versatility and innovation, features products that are convenient and chic while fashionable, safe, and sustainable.  In addition to being sustainable, Lässig ensures that their products are durable and made to last.Lässig created the 4Kids Backseat Car Organizer to make life in the car easier and more organized.  This fun car organizer is also a wrap-to-go.  Yup!  Folds up to be taken outside of the car too!  Pack this backseat organizer with fun things to keep your kiddos busy.  There are zipper pockets and compartments to keep things safe, organized, and in arms reach.  Made of durable polyester and available in four different designs: Starlight olive, Starlight magenta, Shark Ocean and Ocean Magenta.

My boys and I received the Shark Ocean design, perfect for my little fish!  It is navy blue, teal, and orange and oh so cute!  Right now we are driving a sedan so this doesn’t really work too well in it…it constantly gets kicked by restless feet.  Thank goodness we are minivan shopping because this is going to be perfect in there!  I am so tired of things getting thrown on the floor boards, chucked at me, or tossed on the seat.  We NEED a place to organize sippy cups, treats, little toys, and tissues.  It slips on easily around the headrest and clicks around the seat.  It can quickly be removed to take on the go too!!This is great for kids of all ages and with 4 different designs there is one for your child.  The Lässig 4Kids Backseat Car Organizer retails for $48.49.  Hurry and get yours today so you can be prepared for your road trips,

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