Springtime Is Snuggle Time

Easter is coming up and will be here before you know it. Chocolate bunnies, candy filled eggs, and marshmallow chicks are all must haves….but what about baby?  What should that cute little cottontailed bunny bring your little one? Goose waddle!  Goosewaddle is the coziest, yummiest, most extraordinary new line of ultra high quality blankets. These exquisitely soft and premium blankets are “thoughtfully designed and superbly crafted using the finest materials.” Goosewaddle sent us a baby blanket sized white blanket.  Blake was the lucky recipient of this mushy goodness.  He loves laying on, cuddly with, and suggling up with this new prized possession.  The satin edges and plush center make this blanket the perfect comfort and security blanket.

These baby blankets are 29″ x 35″ and are available in white, blue, and pink.  I like that they come in plain colors rather than patterns.  Patterns can go out of trend and look childish.  Plain colors can grow with your child.  These blankets retail for $65 and will be treasured for years and years. Goose waddles also carries smaller blankets called blankies. They measure 14″ x 14″ and retail for $35. These smaller blankets are great for nuzzling, cuddling in carseats, and traveling. Maybe your child will even prefer the smaller size over the larger. Blake is totally in love with this and it has quickly become our go to blanket. I can already see him using it for years to come.

This Easter give your child the gift of soft, cozy, snuggle time. This will be a gift they treasure for years to come.  It doesn’t scream Easter but it does scream quality! Plus how wants to carry around an Easter themed blanket year round? Who knew that a great product could get even greater!?  With Goosewaddles Buy 1, Give 1 Campaign you can be a part of a greater good. Share the love worldwide and help other babies find the comfort and security that you gave your child. I love when companies want to do more for more.

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