Not Your Average Teether

Having a teething baby is the pits and just plain no fun. Lady started getting her teeth around 8 months, and it seems like there are usually a couple days of complete misery. She is Miss Crabby Pants, and tries to get her mouth on just about anything, including my fingers, which are a real favorite. The problem is, I don’t have endless time to spend letting her chew on my fingers. I have found a solution. I was sent something that REALLY helps with this unfortunate situation. Nawgum, by Mello & Co. is an innovate teether designed in just the perfect way to help alleviate teething babies.
Nawgum is non-porous, seamless, and made with food grade silicone. The teether is also nontoxic, BPA-free, and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) compliant, which is a prerequisite for many vigilant parents today. Additionally, Nawgum is dishwasher safe, allowing for quick and easy sanitization. Nawgum’s design contains four sections — two arms and two bumpers — that each feature uniquely molded textures within calculated measurements for grazing gums. The arms replicate what most children prefer to gnaw: a finger. These sections are soft and rubbery on the surface, with a slightly hardened middle, to simulate a bone. The arms are also deliberately situated in opposite directions to help the child maneuver the device.~

Lady loved her Nawgum from the moment I gave it her. I put it in her mouth and she instantly clamped down on it and went to work. I really love the soft, flexible yet firm feel. She loves exploring each serface and it has definitely given both of us some relief from the fussiness of teething!
This would be a super useful extra to tuck into a baby shower gift! You can find Nawgum online for $19.99 and at select retailers nationwide.

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