Liforme Yoga Mat

With fitness making it’s way back into my life I am really taking the time to explore and rediscover old favorites as well as new uncharted options in these exercise waters. Years ago, I used to practice yoga at least twice a week in a class at my gym. I always remember it being so relaxing, but definitely a work out. Don’t let all that stretching and balancing fool you; I discovered muscles I didn’t even know I had. Recently, with all the exercise I’ve been doing, I knew my body needed a good stretching routine. I have dusted off a few of my old yoga DVD’s and even found a few Pilates videos online I have really been enjoying. I was so excited to receive a brand new, PINK, yoga mat from Liforme; a new and exciting Yoga brand I have been seeing all over my Instagram feed!

We believe in:

  • challenging the norm and pushing boundaries
  •  removing obstacles and creating better things
  •  being eco-friendly and socially just

Like I said, I saw the Liforme Yoga Mat all over my Instagram feed. It kept popping up and everyone was raving about it. I had to see what all the fuss was about! It arrived packaged in a pretty fantastic tube; keeping it safe on it’s trip to me. The first thing I noticed when taking the Liforme Yoga Mat out of the tube was how thick it is. The pink is so pretty and it has such great cushion while doing my yoga, stretches, and pilates on my hardwood floors; without it I would be in some pain. The Liforme Yoga Mat is also extra long. I am 5 foot 11 inches, so this is perfect for me. So many times when I buy products they are too short; I love that it works for people of all heights. The surface is amazing. It really is non-slip. I stay put while performing all my stretches and yoga poses. I have never had a mat that has been this incredible and helped me to perform these poses even better. The lines on the mat are not only pretty, adding to the appeal of the mat, but they serve a great purpose. The AlignForMe System is a guide to help you throughout your yoga practice; like a map for your body. There is not one specific way to use it; you figure out what works for you and go from there! So cool and very helpful!I have to say, Hollis was pretty jealous of my new yoga mat. We both have mats and every time I pull mine out, he gets his out and stretches with me. I think he was wondering where his new yoga mat was!

7 Reasons you’ll love the Liforme Yoga Mat:

1. Made by Yogis for Yogis!
2. Perfectionist quality.
3. Unique, align for me system.
4. Warrior like grip, even when sweaty wet.
5. Extra support, stability, & cushioning.
6. Wider & longer.
7. Planet friendly, body kind.

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