No Show Fo Sho

Ha ha How about that catchy title!?  You wanted to find out what this was all about because of my quirkiness huh!?  Well good!  You have made a great choice!  This is one product that will make your jaw drop to the flo…uh…floorKeysocks was founded by Shelby Mckee when Shelby wanted to go to a football game and wear flats.  She wanted to wear no show sock but always struggled with traditional footies.  They never stayed on her feet and didn’t provide any warmth in the cool football season air.  So, like a genius she took her hubbies knee high dress socks and a pair of scissors and WALAH!  Keysocks was born!  Within no time she recruited her two sisters, Stefanie and Christy, and after reaching perfection they launched the first and only no show knee high sock in August 2012.Awesome right!?  You can pick your jaw up off the floor nowWhen I first saw these my mind was seriously blown!  Why hadn’t I know about these before?  This is seriously genius!!  Products created by women for women are always the best.   They just seem to always hit the nail on the head.  Keysocks did just that!

To put these on, first slide them up your calves and then stretch them over your toes.  Easy!

I received Keysocks in black, brown, and nude.  Chose the black or brown to wear with dress pants or simply for every day wear.  Just pick the color that would be less noticeable if the peek out when you cross your legs.Wear nude when you are wearing light colored pants.Available in regular and wide calf these socks are similar in thickness to a pair of tights, perfect for cool weather.  They also offer “Light” socks that are like similar to dress socks, for warmer weather, and will actually cool your feet 1-2 degrees!  Can you even tell that they are a little thinner?  NOPE! That is because their “light” sock is still high quality!Keysocks are one size fits most…meaning from size 5-10.5 there is rarely a foot they don’t fit.  If you are like me and have athletic calves (17″ or wider) try the wide calf socks for a roomier fit.  My calves are 17″ around so I am right on the edge of going with the regular Keysocks or the Wide Calf Keysocks.  As you can see in the picture below there is still a little room in the regular socks but the wide ones do have more room.  Although the wide were a little more comfy for me that regular ones didn’t cut my circulation off nor were they uncomfortable.  There is no reason I couldn’t wear regular, but if I had my choice I would go with wide for the little extra added comfort.  The wide calf socks don’t add bulk AT ALL…just a little extra room.

But wait!  They come in girl’s sizes too!  AND look at the cute colors!

The great thing about these socks is they DO stay in place.  No more fiddling with your footie or slipping your whole shoe off your foot to put your foot back on.  It just stays in place.  They sit low enough on your toes that if your shoes show a little toe cleavage, no problem!, but not too low that you can’t keep them on your feet.  Staying in place while being comfortable….genius I tell you, genius!

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