Mother Actually Wants for Mother’s Day

You should start to think about what Mom would like for Mother’s Day.

But what is she looking for? Your mom will tell you she loves what you get her. But I spoke with 13 Mormon moms to find out the truth.

I spoke to new moms, empty-nesters, tired moms, and grand moms. Here’s the link: Your mom is looking for something thoughtful.

I’m sure your mother will love the Whitman Sampler Walgreens bought Saturday night. You’ll be a lot more grateful if you take the time to think about where she is right now and what could make her day better.

Take a Break

  • A break can be the best gift for busy moms of little ones for mother’s day.
  • Many mothers with young children I spoke with said that they just wanted to be able to take some time off from all the “mom stuff”. Moms love their families, but it can be exhausting, especially if they spend most of their time with multiple small kids.
  • A young mother shared a story about her two-year-old son and her five-month-old daughter.
  • All I wanted for Mother’s Day was not to have any diapers changed or make many dishes. He did all of that, plus he vacuumed and prepared every meal. It is so wonderful to take a day off from your daily tasks.

Here are some ways to give Mom a break.

  • Do you have chores? Does mom do it in your home? You can take on one of these chores for a week before Mother’s Day and afterward.
  • You can also do the chores around Mother’s Day but go the opposite direction.
  • To not fight on Mother’s Day, make a sibling agreement and try your best to solve all your problems.
  • What does Mom like to do at home. She can clear the path or participate in any of these activities, including gardening, board games and cooking.

Time Alone

  • Although your mom loves you, she may not be able to spend enough time with you.
  • Others suggested that moms send Mom out of the home.
  • A young mother of five said she would love to pamper herself, get a mani-pedi, have a facial, and not cook. She could go on for hours.
  • A mother of teenagers explains:
  • Mothers need to be able to spend time with their children and have fun. They will be more productive as mothers and wives if they do this.

Here are some suggestions for Moms who could use some extra time.

  • Experience Many moms that I spoke with mentioned spa days. If that is not an option for you, send your mom to a lecture or behind-the-scenes zoo tour. Or skydiving. Your mom is the best person to know.
  • Connect her to others. Some moms wanted to be by themselves, but most wanted to connect with their children or spouses.
  • Don’t limit yourself to Sunday. Some may feel limited by Mother’s Day, which falls on the Sabbath. Give Mom a day off during the week.

Time with Family

  • Moms who don’t see their kids every day may just want time with them
  • But empty-nester moms had a different story. One of them immediately replied, “Time with adult kids.”
  • This difference indicates how different our moms’ experiences are. What they want from us is that we pay attention to their needs and take action accordingly.
  • A mom of adult children shared her family tradition with me

My kids are now grown and have families. I tell my children that the best gift they can give me is the gift of time with them. My kids have been planning events for us, such as musicals at Hollywood Bowl or a day at Glen Ivy (a nearby hot spring). It was fun to go to LA museums, hike, and golf. These day trips are more important than any gift that could be put on a shelf.

Unfortunately, not all adult kids live near enough to their moms to visit. Here are some suggestions for kids who live out of town.

  • Make a Connection. One mom told me that she wanted her mom to receive the same gift each year from a florist and a personal letter. Tradition creates something special while the letter personalizes it. Even if she isn’t there, her presence is felt.
  • Skype. Make an effort to video chat with mom this Mother’s Day. A webcam can be a great gift.

Here are some suggestions for adult children living nearby:

  • Two moms and one trip. Grandmas are great for adult sons who have children. Your mom will love you, and your children’s mom will enjoy some alone time.
  • Make a plan. This is not a trip to visit your mom. Consider what your mom might like to do and bring her favorite movie or meal.


  • Mom, no matter what you get, make sure you deliver it with a “Thank You.”
  • I was shocked when people answered “gratitude” because it was obvious that they were trying too hard to be kind. Moms didn’t just want a thank-you.
  • However, I realized that these mothers weren’t asking for a lot of gratitude. They were grateful.
  • One mom shared her thoughts on other gift types after we had discussed them:
  • All I want as a mother is for my children to be grateful for all that I have done for them. Thank you for everything that I have done for them. Thank you for caring for them every day. I would like an “I love and appreciate you mom” message.
  • This attitude will help you choose the most meaningful and lasting gift for Mother’s Day.

Mothers want to hear the words. These are some ideas to show your mom you are grateful.

  • Hug Mom, no matter what. An extended hug and some kind words will make a lasting impression.
  • Use whatever talent you have to express your gratitude. You can express your gratitude in a letter, song, painting or video montage.


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