It’s Proud to be “just a mom”

Last week, I was able to attend a conference in the area.

This conference is a top event for professionals in my field. This conference included a dinner with 30 other women from around the globe. However, most of them were from big cities like New York and Los Angeles. Everyone was required to introduce themselves at the dinner. I listened as amazing women listed their professional achievements and credentials as I sat. I am a fashion show coordinator”, “I shoot products for a high-end clothing company”, and “I am an executive at New York “….” Each woman’s list of accomplishments and qualifications seemed to get more prestigious.

As the women talked about themselves, I felt less confident in myself.

What would you say to me when I was asked to introduce myself? I gave myself a pep talk and started listing my thoughts. Do not mention your top diaper changing, lawn mowing, and dishwashing skills. Do not mention your husband at all. You’ll appear stronger if there’s no one to help you. You don’t want your faith to be dismissed. Natalie, please don’t mention your children. We don’t want anyone to think you are just a mom.

The Creative Mom’s 

I stood shakily but not very tall when it was my turn. I fear that I will regret the words I spoke, “I’m Natalie from The Creative Mum.” But I am not JUST A MOM ….”. I tried to be honest about myself so that it wouldn’t come across as too “homely” or “domestic”. My introduction was not a success. Everything I said could not have been further from the real me. I continued to chat with women who were more successful, talented, and influential than I could ever imagine. I tried to show them and myself that I was not just a mom.

I felt ashamed as I lay in bed that night. It was shocking that I tried to hide what was the most important aspect of my life. Not only did it take the most time and effort, but my children are the part I am proudest of. It has been said that motherhood is the noblest calling in the world. Sometimes it does not seem that way. While we all praise and honor our mothers, many women are reluctant to accept the same role in their own lives and look down on other women who give their lives to their families. Motherhood is often viewed as a negative role in society. It is important to have a successful career regardless of the costs to the people we love, especially the children we love. This should be encouraged and celebrated. Our home achievements are often overlooked and made to look so extraordinary.

I wish every mother could be as brave as I was that night. To stand up and say,

“I am just mom!”

The world would be proud of her for all the sacrifices and courage she has made as a mother. It is difficult to be “just a mother,” and we should not feel less successful, accomplished, or important because our family is our priority.

Even if it is full-time, being a mom should be viewed as an honor. It is the most important job we can do. We are there to support them when all else fails, and they have no other options. They can always count on MOM! They will be proud that they have been chosen! We chose to place them above board meetings and corporate dinners and above our desires and wants. It is hard work. It’s hard work, I assure you. We will not regret spending more time with our families. Because I know that the little ones in my life look up to me as a mother, I hope they can feel proud to be mothers. We are so much more than just a mom to them.

So, I’ll have the courage! I will be proud to be a homemaker and mother. Next time I have the opportunity to introduce myself, my name will be Natalie, and I’m going to say, “My name’s Natalie and I’m also a mother!”. And I’m sure I’ll be proud!

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