Mirror Trends – What You Need to Know in 2017

Staying updated with the latest home decor trends not only adds a fresh perspective but also helps you work on the dull aspects of your decor. With the new year approaching in a few days, if you feel it’s time for bathroom decor elevation minus the chaos, then these inspirational and inexpensive mirror trends of 2017 will get the job done with perfection.

  • Repurposed bathroom mirrors

Yes, they are a thing, and they look incredibly gorgeous too. Repurposed bathroom mirrors are available in numerous varieties from traditional to modern, and they are inexpensive as well. If yours is a neutrally toned bathroom which everything minimalistic, opt for a repurposed vanity frame which looks grand and adds the oomph factor instantly.

  • Unusually shaped bathroom mirrors

Rounds, ovals, rectangles, and squares are quite common, so why not go for something unusual which will instantly attract attention? Keeping your personality in mind, find a mirror shaped which is unique and can add a certain charm to the whole decor theme.

  • Antique mirror frames

Although antique never goes out of style, but it is making a comeback with a bang in 2017. Large mirrors with antique gold and silver frames look phenomenal, and they add a royal appeal to the whole room. Whether yours is a neutral toned or accented bathroom, antique mirrors will add glamour and elegance at worth-it costs.  

  • Accent mirrors

Black mirrors and black framed mirrors have already become the talk of the town so no wonder what they will do in the coming year. Suspended mirrors also have their way with charm and attracting attention which makes them an excellent bathroom trend for 2017.

Be the author of your home decor story which is laced with perfection and beauty and allow the mirrors to serve as the much-needed final touch.

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