How to Maximize Your Sleep Environment?

Sleep plays an important role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Quality sleep is, therefore, essential for your brain to function properly. It is as important as exercising and eating healthy. People who are sleep deprived tend to have delayed reaction times and lose their patience easily. People are now sleeping less than they did in the past, they have forgotten the importance of getting quality sleep every night.

If you realize the ill-effects of not sleeping properly, it is time to start looking at how your sleep environment impacts your sleep, and methods you can use to improve it.

Use comfortable mattresses

Ready to maximize your sleep environment? If you wake up feeling numb, or tired, it may be time to replace your mattress or pillows, or both. If your mattress has holes, lumps or has sagged, you should definitely think about replacing it. Though most mattresses last upto about 10 years, you should change them immediately if you have a problem sleeping on them. Similarly, it is time for you to get a new pillow if you find yourself continually fluffing your pillow throughout the night. Whether you love sleeping on a bed that is firm, or bouncy, there is a mattress to fit your needs at the furniture shops in Adelaide. There are mattresses readily available to cater to all types of sleeping needs including preferred sleep positions, adjustable stiffness, or even  ones for if you have allergies to certain fabrics.

Clean out the clutter

If you want to sleep properly, you need to get all the potential distractions out of your bedroom. Ditch the computer and all other electronics, even the television. If your bedroom becomes the place where you go for other activities too, it only leads to your brain associating the room with other things. If your bedroom is the place where you go for work, it can make your mind anxious about work because you will correlate the room with a busy workplace.

Your tablet, phone, television, and e-readers, all emit blue light. Blue light slows the production of melatonin, which is also known as the sleep hormone in humans. So, you will definitely want zero blue light devices in your room.

Many people find themselves constantly looking at the clock which makes them start worrying about sleep. Hence, you should also adjust the location and position of the alarm clock in your bedroom.

Keep your room dark and cool

Make your room as dark as possible and try to eliminate all the lights. Artificial light keeps you from sleep. This means you will have to cover all the windows. Also, try to block any light from under the door. Finally, if you plan to keep electronics in your room, you will have to make sure all the light coming from them is completely blocked. Your skin is a photoreceptor which means it interacts with light, prompting the production of the relative chemical. Your body begins to wake up. This is true in the case of sunlight too. Your skin should also be able to know when it’s time for sleep.

Various studies show that the ideal sleeping temperature is 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. After you fall asleep, your body temperature decreases, which makes it easier to sleep throughout the night. Your body spends a lot of energy on regulating colder body temperature. So, if you keep your room cool, it can help aid the process of cooling your body, and hence make you fall asleep faster.


It is about time that people choose to make sleep a priority and realize they can accomplish it by keeping a bedtime routine. Though there are many things that can hamper your sleep, most of these can be solved by practising good sleep hygiene.

There are also people who can not go off to sleep even after maximizing their sleep environment. Some of them suffer from sleep disorders and need the help of a specialist to cure their sleeping disorders.

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