Learn The Advantages Of Concrete Floors That Are Polished


Nowadays, polished concrete floors have become the ultimate option for homeowners looking for budget-friendly options. These polished concrete floors allow for a greater level of customisation and also are durable as well. 

In the year 2019, concrete polished floors have become one of the most well-known, cost-effective, appealing and practical options for most homeowners out there. With the help of best polished concrete Melbourne services, you can provide your home with a new tint of freshness and renovated look.

The Reasons Why You Should Opt For Polished Concrete Floors

  • These Floors Will Last You A Lifetime

One of the top benefits of using polished concrete floors is that it will last you many years before it starts to lose its shine and colour – and we’re talking about at least 25 – 30 years at least. If your polished concrete floor is installed in the right manner, it should last you for decades. Even during industrial or in high-traffic conditions, you can use such floors without any such problems. 

This will help you save your money over time and you’ll not have to replace your floor often as well. When you compare polished concrete to other options for flooring, you can easily figure out that polished concrete floors are not at all vulnerable to any kind of damage. Furthermore, you don’t need to replace or renovate your floors every ten years. These concrete floors will be durable and long-lasting over-time too. 

  • A Budget-Friendly Option

It should be kept in mind that polished concrete floors are very much pocket-friendly when it comes to the overall cost of development. You will not require the addition of any other subfloors, because the company that is doing concrete floor polishing for you, will be working with existing materials available.

  • The Joy Of Eco-Friendliness

Apart from being budget-friendly, polished concrete floors are also a type of green flooring option too as well. Especially, when it comes to various kinds of flooring options, polished concrete floors need the least amount of raw materials for its development. The main raw materials that are used are stain-resistant treatments and also water-based hardeners as well. As there are no new materials added apart from concrete in the mix, there is no such carbon footprint that can be left.

Furthermore, it is also a durable flooring option for various eco-friendly residential as well as commercial projects. It can be seen that there are numerous traditional flooring options out there, which release harsher chemicals in the air. These compounds are known as VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. With the help of polished concrete flooring, you can be sure that there will be no VOCs released into the environment. 

  • The Uniqueness

With the help of polished concrete floors, you can make your house look industrial, modern and also exquisite too. The polished floors will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your home environment. The design aesthetics of your home will be taken care of and will blend in well with modern and traditional elements of your home too. 

You can also extend this look by adding beautiful rugs or carpets on your floor.

  • Removal Of Dust Is Easier And Cleaner Air Is Promoted

There’s no doubt that floor coverings like carpets capture and store dust and dirt like no other. Moreover, these materials also promote mould growth as well. But, when it comes to polished concrete flooring, it can be stated as a hypoallergenic flooring option. This is because these polished floors don’t tend to hold on to dust, allergens and dirt. Therefore, you can easily promote cleaner air inside your home.

  • Doesn’t Allow Mould To Grow

Carpets on the floor when becomes wet will easily lead to the growth of mould. If the moisture is not removed at the right time, the condition can get a lot worse and it may cause various kinds of ailments and diseases inside your home environment as well.

But, if you’re using polished concrete floors, you can say goodbye to such toxic mould growth, as such growth will not be supported in such a smooth surface. 

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