Know About The Best Kitchen Designs Of 2019

When it comes to designing your own kitchen, the key should always be put towards creativity and functionality. When it comes to top kitchen designers, they always use the general layout of the kitchen room to their advantage by allowing the place to be transformed with bold cabinets, accents that look and feel double-duty and has sleek lighting as well. 

It doesn’t matter whether you want to renovate your kitchen or planning to put everything into place for the first time – the options are right there to choose your favourite out of them. 

The Top Kitchen Designs Of 2019 That You Should Know About

  1. Having Bespoke Larders And Pantries

When you’re planning to design your kitchen, with the help of custom kitchen design in Brisbane services, the first thing that should come to your mind is having a bespoke larder. It is one of the biggest trends of 2019 and you shouldn’t miss out on it as well. It’s a must-have feature in most modern kitchens of today – so that you can easily store away ingredients that are also easily accessible too. 

Furthermore, you should also keep in mind that a bespoke larder, if designed in the right manner, will be a thing of beauty. 

  1. Having Kitchen Islands

It can be said that kitchen islands are very much synonymous to a very sociable and luxurious kitchen, without a shadow of a doubt. The place will not only be a great place to hang-out but can also be used for extra storage options too. You can also add bar-stools if you need so that it can help in providing a very casual dining experience too. 

In case you’re looking for alternatives to kitchen islands, then you can look at kitchen peninsula as well. A peninsula inside a kitchen can be described as a platform that is only attached to a single side of the wall so that you only need to sacrifice one side of the kitchen. This type of peninsula style will work in the kitchen having single walls or even L-shaped walls too. 

  1. Having Banquette And Benches Seating

You can select from numerous forms of choices, including benches that are built-in along with booths and banquettes as well. This will help make the kitchen a very personal kind of space to go for any lounging or even having a small get-together. There has been an emerging trend in overall usage of banquette seating style – in a place where breakfast bars and kitchen islands have always dominated. 

This type of style is a great addition to the kitchen and also will be a brilliant use of space. You can easily enjoy a more comfortable way to sit and relax. It will be a nice way to unwind yourself from the daily pressure of work and personal life. 

  1. Having The Green Painting

In 2019, it has been found that naked kitchens along with a tint of green paint have been a great addition to the overall styles of 2019. It has been reported that green kitchen cabinets will be a new style that will stay for years to come. The colour green can not only be dramatic but also look luxurious as well. 

When it comes to the modern looks of the kitchen, the green paint will help you remind of the deep, green forests – which can easily be balanced out with the help of soft metallics and also glass looking smoky as well. 

If you can further add a combination of brass and white marble with the help of brilliant lighting equipment, accessories and worktops, your kitchen will look start to look more lively and welcoming. 

  1. Having The Black Painting

In the case of green is not your colour of choice, you can always go for black. It has already been reported that there has been a sharp increase in the overall usage of the black kitchen which is also reflecting the overall trend to go for darker shades of the kitchen too. 

It is said that almost 93 per cent of all homeowners search for black and dark colours when shopping for various kinds of kitchen designs. Also, in 2019, homeowners will embrace the palette or darker colours, having a greater emphasis on black along with browns that look like rich coffee. Shades of taupe, grey and biscuit beige as also used as colours too. 

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