All You Need To Know About Mould And How It Can Affect Your Health & Home

Mould is not only a costly problem for your home but also a serious one that can be hazardous for human health. There are some states located in the USA that have made a law for sellers to disclose any known mould problems. However, you should know that the law only states that the seller should know about the problem before he or she can report the same – which can be pretty disadvantageous for the buyer. Therefore, as a buyer, you need to use your eyes and mind to detect any mould problems beforehand and then make the purchase deal later. 

Times like these are when you need to hire home inspection in Jackson MS services. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be sharing as much information as we can to help you out in knowing more about moulds and their side-effects. 

Mould Can Cause Health Problems

Apart from looking bad and putting out a very bad odour, mould can easily cause health problems in most children and adults – especially those who already have breathing problems. It should be realised that moulds release mycotoxins which can lead to seizures, rashes, respiratory problems, unusual bleeding and so on. 

Moreover, the severity of these health problems can depend on the age of the human being and also the amount of mould that he or she has been exposed to. However, the good news is that most moulds are not that toxic and if you’re living in a dry climate, then your chances of encountering mould are very slim.

Can A Home Inspection Reveal Mould Infestation?

If you’re hiring a home inspector for inspecting your home for any mould infestation, and if the inspector does find out the presence of mould – then the first thing that should be found out would be the presence of any water leak. 

The water leak could originate from any plumbing issue, leaking roof, groundwater seeping through the foundation and so on. Since it’ll be difficult to pinpoint the exact source, the best way to deal with this would be to opt for repairs. 

You can raise this issue to the house seller and thereby opt for a discount. However, you should remember that if you don’t eliminate the mould, it’ll come back to haunt you and your family members again. This is because, once a certain kind of mould gets a foothold inside of a home, it can affect the overall ventilation of the interiors, the heating system and also the air conditioning system as well. 

But, before you start treating the mould infestation, you need to know the full extent of the damage from the home inspector. 

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