Your humble abode How to re-decorate your house for better and positive vibes

A house, no matter big or small has to contain a lot of good and positive energy to ensure harmonious living in the house. If you feel your home is full of negative energy, start considering remodeling it at the earliest before it gets engulfed in a trap of negativity. Remodeling your house does not need a fully loaded wallet. With our humble yet powerful tips, redesign your home to create positive energy around your home at a cost less than the latest smartphone. So, let’s get started!

Six proven ways to get rid of all the negative energy and to create a positive aura in your home

Declutter and clear off the mess

The primary way to remove all the negative energy from your house is to start organizing it. Remove all the stuff that you no longer need. Start the decluttering project with preset goals as they help you stick to your house redesigning mission. After and before pictures are great ways to cheer yourself and embrace your hard work. Try lighting the dull and gloomy corners of the house to create a positive feel.

Take advantage of the Himalayan Crystal Salt

The Himalayan Crystal salt lamp is an easy way to improve the positive quotient of your house. The light from the lamp is soothing, and its vapors are therapeutic. If you do not want to buy a Himalayan Crystal salt lamp, get the job done with Himalayan Crystal salt available in supermarkets. Every day at night, take a bowl of water and add about a tablespoon of Himalayan Crystal salt to it. Then, place the bowl beside your bed and discard the water in the morning. This simple method is believed to be effective in removing negative energy from a house.

Feng Shui to invite positive vibes

Add a few Feng Shui display items like waterfalls or crystal to bring in positive energy. These traditional Feng Shui items also act as great display pieces and significantly increase the good vibes in a house. Feng Shui works by altering the five elements of Feng Shui and thereby welcoming all the positive energies inside your home.

Indoor plants and fresh flowers for a soothing environ

Natural plants and refreshing fresh flowers uplift the mood of a house instantly. Place several indoor plants like Areca Plant, Peace Lily, and Pothos or a beautiful bowl with fresh petals in a riot of colors or even a bouquet of fresh flowers and see the instant magic that happens. You can also try growing flowers like lavender and mogra, the sedating smell of these flowers cools down the nervous system and these plants are a great respite from stress.

A blown up family picture

Highlight a wall of the living room with a big motivational picture to boost yourself. Even better, if you place a blown-up family picture. Family pictures are always beautiful and are a great way to alleviate the negative energy in a house. These family pictures remind you of the good times that you had and instill a pleasant mood within you. Keep it tidy an install a focus light on the picture to invite happy vibrations inside your house.

Cross ventilation to improve air circulation

A stinky and congested house is a devil’s workshop. Keep your home well lit and well ventilated. If you have windows or doors opposite each other, keep them opened for a couple of hours daily to ensure free circulation of fresh air. Well-lit rooms are inviting, and positive energy encompasses such well lit and well-ventilated houses.

While each of these seven methods is effective in its way to improve the positive quotient of your house, club them all together to reap maximum benefits. Start with decluttering and cleaning, and proceed with following the other steps stated above and create a strong positive aura around your house and welcome al the goodness of life like health, wealth, prosperity, and fame.

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