Keeping It Green

What a relief…….fall is officially just a couple weeks away. Have you had as difficult a time as I have keeping the yard and landscape green in high heat summer conditions? Frankly, when August rolls around, it feels so hot that I don’t want to go outside let alone tend to watering, mowing, trimming or weeding. Wouldn’t it be so lovely if you could have a perfectly green, lush looking landscape with minimal effort? Well, it is possible with artificial hedges. I know, you might be thinking fake?, no way, but seriously, today there are products on the market that are so realistic your neighbors won’t know the difference until they’re right up on it. Plus, they’ll probably be envious that you don’t have to maintain, or hire someone to maintain your yard. offers just such a product. Their artificial hedges can be applied to a wall, outdoor grid for privacy, or in a planter box.

NO water needed = saves long term expenses. NO to little maintenance = more time for you to do whatever your little heart desires! Have you wanted to try one of those trendy wall gardens but don’t have a green thumb?  Hedgescape mats could help you create an interesting and stylish wall garden with a bonus of being lighter in weight than using real plants & soil.  See the pic below;  Hedgescape has options like Ivy, grass and boxwoods with flowers.  Get as creative as you’d like. I just returned from a mini trip where I saw a yard completely done in artificial turf, and I am telling you it was beautiful and realistic.  I would love to look outside my back doors and see beautiful green year round!  I know my hubby would appreciate not tending to it, too!

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