I’ve Got My Eye On U! {Eye On U Bands Review}

Welcome to Real Moms Real Views! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed or our Daily Email Newsletter on our left sidebar. That way you can keep up on all the goodness going on! Thanks for visiting RMRV!Trend Alert:  Funky friendship bracelets for your kiddos to wear, share and trade with their pals! While browsing through Parenting magazine, I saw these funky little bracelets that appeared to have eyeballs on them yes, that’s right eyeballs.  Possibly the next big trend for the small fry set mooove over silly bandz I just had to check them out. So, what is the story behind these eye bead bracelets?

Well, one of the co-founders daughters had an evil eye bracelet she received as a gift and was heartbroken when it fell apart, so her mom and mom’s friend, realizing the security it had given the little girl, devised a plan to share the concept with the rest of the world through an encouraging bracelet.  When children look down at the “eye” beads encircling their wrist they can be reminded of the positive message each color represents, and that someone cares about them and is watching out for them. Our goal is to create a product that kids, ages 5 and up, will love to wear and share, while promoting positive messages.

The concept of Eye On U Bands was born to encourage positive social skills and provide kids a way to practice building relationships. Eye On U Bands allow kids to display their unique personalities, and promote their friendships through the colors they wear, AND SHARE, on their arms. There are currently 12 colors to choose from in the bracelet line, and each color represents a different message.  My girls received “show your spirit” pink (perfect for my youngest who is into cheerleading), “just chill” purple, “clarity” white, “go for it” blue, “let’s party” blue and “outrageously awesome” green.  Each package has 2 bracelets inside, which I LOVE because it promotes sharing.

If a friend seems to need a lift, your child can take one of the bracelets off and give it to them now the’ve created a bond with a friend!  Eye on U bands would be great for sports teams, cheer teams or clubs to show unity and sportsmanship! My daughters gave a few bracelets to their friends and hopefully all four girls will now be on the lookout for other friends who may need a little lift. If nothing else, the colorful eyeball bands gathered up their wrists will grab some attention, and get them talking about what each color represents which will remind them that I care and am watching over them!  Encouraging trends are REAL MOM RECOMMENDED!! Today, One lucky RMRV reader can start their child’s Eye On U collection by winning 6 packs of bracelets!

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