Big Love For Tiny Love {Tiny Love #Review}

One thing I love about being a new mom is watching my son hit different developmental milestones.  It is like a party every time he achieves a new milestone. When he was really little I didn’t really know what milestones would be coming…other than holding his head up, sitting, crawling, standing, and potty training. I have been learning as I go.  I have learned that there are milestones like seeing more colors, seeing further away, smiling, laughing, etc.  One thing I didn’t think about being a milestone was reaching and grabbing.  I guess I didn’t really understand what a milestone is. Not only does Tiny Love teach you about baby development they have outstanding products to help your child reach those stages.

Tiny Love is an“award-winning international baby products company that creates stimulating developmental toys and products which encourage babies’ growth and development.”What is better than a company that wants to help your baby grow and develop and become smart?  Nothing…well maybe just chocolate Tiny Love sent my son the Gymini My Nature Pals. Oh my gosh!  I can’t rant and rave about this enough.  My son LOVES it.  Just before receiving it I was hooking up plastic rings to the bottom of our coffee table to give him something to entertain himself with.  Cheesy, I know, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend money on a play mat.  Even my hubby said, “Isn’t his bouncer and swing good enough.”

Being a new mom, little did I know that babies NEED to get on the floor and play.  They need to reach and pull. They need to wiggle around so they can start rolling over.  Plus, they need tummy time. The first day I put my son on the Gymini he was mesmerized. He had never seen anything like it.  Honestly. Never. He stared and stared.  He didn’t quite get the whole interact with the gym part but after a few play sessions he was a pro. He could kick and punch all day if I would let him. I babysit for a friend a couple hours a week and her son also loves it. It is the first thing he does when he arrives.  It draws his attention away from mommy leaving.

The Gymini features many hanging toys–a teether, a bead rattle, a Beaver and a Frog plush with built in rattles, and a mirror.  All of these are great for babies to grab, punch, and interact with. The mat also has interactive features such as a peek-a-boo dragonfly, a squeaking frog, a crickly Beaver tail, and extra loops to hook more toys on to. One of my son’s favorite features is the caterpillar. It lights up and plays music. It has 30 minutes of continuous music and 10 different tunes. There are two different levels of sound and it can either play straight through or only go on when activated my baby.  We use this a lot. It can even be removed from the Gymini and be taken on the go.  We have done this….road trip saver

The thing I like about the caterpillar is that the music isn’t annoying. (There are those toys you want to throw out the window because you can’t stand them, admit it!)  I can sing along to all of the tunes I have even made words up to the songs. ha ha This mat was easy to put together. Just snap the cross bars on and clip on the toys. It is that easy. It is also easy to put away and/or travel with because on the back of the mat there are snaps. Just snap them together and it folds beautifully in half.  We took the Gymini up to my parents cabin.  Doesn’t take up any room at all. At the top of the Gymini there is also a Smart Motions System.

This makes it so you can adjust the Gymini to your childs needs. You can slide the toys along the bar to put the toys at your child’s reach.  You can also make the Gymini work better for tummy time.  Take the cross bars off and you have a great play mat. Although the Gymini sells for $59.99, which to me is a little bit of an investment, it is TOTALLY worth every penny. Seriously! If I would have known how much my son would love this I would have gotten one for all my friends’ baby shower presents. It truly is awesome! Tiny Love also sent my son My Nature Pals Mobile. This is a mobile that fits most cribs. It features three characters,  a bird, a frog, and a bug. All three have light up bellies. This is way better than other mobiles though because at night, unless you have a night light, you turn on the mobile for your child and they can’t even see it.

With the My Nature Pals Mobile the lights on the figures lightly illuminate to soothe your child to sleep. Like the Gymini it plays 30 minutes of continuous, calming music.  There are nine different tunes.  This is my favorite part because most mobiles are 45 seconds of music, like that is going to soothe your child to sleep. Also like the Gymini, it grows with your child.  Once your child is big enough to sit up you typically remove the mobile.  With the My Nature Pals Mobile you can just take the mobile part off and us it as a nightlight and music box.  This is great because it extends the use of this investment. This mobile costs $45 but when it stimulates so many senses and helps your child get to sleep peacefully it is so worth it.  We love this mobile at our house, especially my son!  He will even let it entertain him while I clean up his room and do the laundry.

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