Intensive Healing {Curel Review}

My husband has a form of eczema on his hands and feet; a condition that causes patches of skin to become rough, flaky and inflamed, sometimes even resulting in bleeding.  Shortly after we got married, he started visiting a dermatologist for the condition, whom prescribed a hand mixed concoction to help heal the skin. The “magic” potion, as we called it, really did remove all signs of eczema, leaving his skin soft and smooth……the problem was that it cost us nearly $100 a month!!  We found out several months later, that once he stopped using the cream (when we decided it was breaking our budget), the eczema returned.

Bless his heart, he has dealt with itchy, flaky skin the best he can through the years.  Fortunately,  a new product from Curél® Skincare, Curél® Intensive Healing Cream, has come to the rescue!  Amazingly, this cream appears to have the same effects as that high dollar dermatologist blend he used, but at a fraction of the cost.  Ricky has been using it for the past couple of weeks on his hands and feet, and the result is soft, smooth skin!  It is quite thick and takes time to rub in, however, absorbs nicely.  Since it does leave a slight greasy film, you may consider applying when you have a few minutes to sit, relax and not touch anything .

There were a couple of days my hubby didn’t use the cream, and he did notice his skin reverting to having rough patches.  Hopefully with prolonged use, skin will continue to become healthier….. fortunately, the product won’t break the bank as we replenish supplies! Through advanced ceramide therapy, Curél® Intensive Healing Cream, restores skin’s natural moisture barrier.  Ceramides are natural lipids, a major structural component of skin, that act as “glue” to hold skin cells together. When skin is lacking ceramides, it can result in damage from external stresses, like environmental irritants.

Benefits of Curél® Intensive Healing Cream:

  • Rich & gentle cream provides immediate healing relief
  • Clinically proven to help chapping and chafing caused by dryness
  • Fragrance-Free & Hypo Allergenic
  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Pediatrician Tested – good for babies 6 months
  • Excellent for dry skin associated with diabetes
  • Long-Lasting
  • Absorbs Easily

If you or a loved one suffers from sensitive skin, give Curél Intensive Healing Cream a try.  I am thankful that we’ve found an affordable solution to my husbands rough skin. Real Mom Recommended.

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