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This is review is going to be down and dirty and honest, so if you have issues reading about sweat, then you may want to skip this one!! (But you’ll be sorry you did! ) Ok, that being said, I have to say this review is perhaps one of my favorites!! I cannot REAL Mom Recommend these enough!! Had to get that out at the beginning because I love them so much!  Holiday season is fast approaching us… and with that comes family gatherings, pictures, holiday parties, and seeing people we don’t often see… aka… wanting to look as good as possible! I have recently been on a great workout kick and have finally lost all the weight I gained with my baby. HOORAY!!!…. only took a year to do it! I haven’t been counting calories, but I have been trying to eat in moderation. I have been working out at the gym and at home between 3-6 days per week. I am finally getting back to all of my pre-pregnancy jeans and pants

The problem is, I have a whole other collection of jeans/pants that I wasn’t able to wear before I got preggers. A little story about me. Before I got PG, I was finishing school, during which I gained 20!!! pounds over the course of 2.5 years. So, all the cute things I had before school I could no longer wear. My goal has definitely been to get back to pre-baby weight/size, but also to really get back to pre-school size too! Right during all of this, I was generously given the opportunity to try a pair of revolutionary, brand new pants called HOTPANTS from Zaggora. (They are really shorts!) These shorts were designed by a company in England and hit the market this past July. They are designed to help you loose inches and also to decrease the appearance of cellulite. There is a 2 week challenge that the company issues to all who get these.  Lose 2 jean sizes in 2 weeks, doing the same routine, eating the same diet but wearing the product while you work out.  For real??? I was super skeptical, but of course agreed to try the Hot Pants. It took quite a little bit for them to arrive…

They were coming from overseas after all!! When I got them, there was actually a clever little tag that said something about: “sorry for the wait, we think it was worth it and hope you will too!” The pants are made out of what looks similar to a wet suit material. I was instructed to wear them for two weeks during all my normal activities and also during exercise.  I couldn’t wait to get started! (This is me below in my hotpants!) I have been doing resistance training along with the stair mill recently at the gym, which by itself always gets me really hot and sweaty. Well, the next day I wore these babies on the stairs. I wore them under my usual gym pants because my legs are super white and I don’t show fluorescent legs off! Back to the stairs. When I was done, I was completely soaked, including two big spots on my upper thighs where the shorts end,  the lower part of my tank and also a rather embarrassing one on the bum! (see disclaimer above!) I kept my chin up and hoped no one noticed the latter one! When I got home, I immediately threw everything I was wearing in the washer on the hand wash cycle.

These shorts are not to be washed regularly and are to be dried without heat as well, so I air dried them for 1.5 hours in the dryer on air fluff only. Once they were dried I put them back on and went about my business for the rest of the day.The rest of the two weeks went very similarly. I worked out 3 days the first week and 5  days the second week.  I put them on when I got up in the morning and took them off before bed. There was a 2 hour block where they were in the wash on workout days.  They fit just great under my jeans too, so I could wear them out and about as well. I measured myself before I started wearing them and then again at the end of two weeks, which was today! I have to say I was completely shocked!! I have lost 1 inch on my hips, 1 inch on my stomach and 3/4 inch on each thigh, and 1 pound. There may be a little error on where the tape was placed, but not only that, I can totally tell in my pants too! I had just bought some skinny jeans for the first time right before I started this, and when I bought them it took a few minutes to actually get into them… ya know what I’m talking about!! Well, now they slide right up! I’m thinking I could actually go down a size!

And, on top of that, I just tried on a pair of pants I wore before I got married, (which is the smallest I’ve ever been) and they actually fit, although they are a little tight still. But this is incredible!!! I never would have thought this would be possible in two weeks!! I haven’t changed my eating at all either!  I promise what I’m telling you is my honest opinion. I wasn’t paid for this review, although I did get the Hot Pants in exchange for it. The company says that results vary from person to person, but I am insanely happy! I am taking a trip to Mexico in January and will definitely be wearing these through the holiday season and beyond! They are like my own secret weapon against the battle of the bulge!  If you are daring enough to try them, you won’t be sorry you did! Be prepared to sweat though! Not all day every day like I did on the stairs, but just running around each day I got pretty sweaty in the pants…. but to me it was well worth it!! Once again… Hot Pants come REAL Mom Recommended! Every woman who cares about her appearance should have a pair! Happy Sweating!! Thanks Zaggora!!

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