Happy Birthday Max

Life without my special little girl would not be as much fun.  I love having a little buddy hanging out with me all day.  I love having a snoring log cuddled up close throughout the night.  I love having a friend when I am feeling lonely. I just love being the proud mommy of such an adorable little fur baby! Max celebrated her 4th birthday on Tuesday! My little girl is growing up so fast For the last three birthdays we have always celebrated her birthday so this year wasn’t going to be any different. This year I teamed up with Pampered Paw Gifts to give Max a birthday treat that she will never forget.  Pampered Paw Gifts is a wonderful online store where you can find gifts and treats to spoil your favorite furry babies…cats and dogs!  They offer a wide assortment of healthy treats (you won’t find anything that isn’t healthy here!), “fun toys, and gifts to make your spoiled kitty cats purr and pampered pooches tails wag!” Make a special day even more special for the ones who love you no matter what.  They even have gifts for animal loving humans!!

They have so many cute things.  You are sure to find that special thing for your furry loved one. Plus, Pampered Paw Gifts thinks every dog and cat should get something special so they keep their prices pretty close to cost. They also have a wonderful mission.  As they grow they “put a lot back into the local and national rescue groups that need {their} help so much! They do so much with so little.” Doesn’t that make you feel good about shopping with them! Pampered Paw Gifts sent Max the cutest birthday cake. This is the Squirrel Dog Cake.

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