Goodbye Plastic Wrap Hello Covermate Food Covers

I come from a big family and it seems like they are always coming and going from my house.  So I am constantly entertaining and making food for everyone! CoverMate came up with the idea of plastic food covers. I think this is such a great idea!

There Are Four Different Sizes:

  • Medium- Fits 4” to 9”
  • Large- Fits 9” to 14”
  • Extra Large- Fits14″ to 19”
  • Can Cover

There are so many uses for this product! You can use CoverMate Food Covers to protect your food and microwave when defrosting, reheating, and steaming food. The corner vents allows steam to escape when used in the microwave. It also has a heat-sealed edge so it eliminates sewing and thread, making it reusable and dishwasher safe! The built-in FlexBand stretches to any shape and makes it easy to cover and re-cover.

To Apply:

Stretch cover over dishware allowing FlexBand to snap the cover securely in place. When covering rectangular shapes, it may be necessary to rotate cover to square-up corners for best fit.CoverMate Food Covers are so practical! I just love them! There are so many times when these are going to come in handy. CoverMate Food Covers come Real Mom recommended!!

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