Freeze Dried Fruit A Perfect Snack

Fruttata, freeze dried fruit is a deliciously healthy snack perfect for school lunches, game time or on-the-go.  My family loves fruit whether fresh, frozen or freeze dried in form.  Fruit satisfies the sweet tooth in a wholesome natural way, so I try to offer plenty of variety in my home.Freeze dried is a fun way to eat fruit.  Since water is removed from the fruit during the  -40degree freeze drying process, it leaves a crunchy but flavorful, melt in your mouth treat.My family tried a pack of apple slices and pineapple pieces from Fruttata and couldn’t get enough!  So good!!  As a matter of fact, the only bummer about freeze dried fruits is that they are usually packaged in small quantities (think 1 handful) and are sort of pricy.  But, when you think about the ingredients being literally ONLY fruit (Fruttata Apple Crisps = 1 1/2 apples & Pineapple Crisps = 1/2 cup pineapple) it gives piece of mind that you and your family are eating well.  No fillers or added junk.  My favorite was the pineapple since I had never tried it before.  I could easily eat three bags in a sitting……and since the acidity of the pineapple in its fresh state is not there, I didn’t have to worry about irritation.

Fruttata Crisps are Peanut/Tree nut free, gluten & dairy free and Vegan.  They come in apple, pineapple, tropical fruit blend (Apple, Banana, Pineapple and Mango) and coming in February 2015, banana.  You can purchase Fruttata nationwide on, and locally at Duane Reade and Costco stores retailing for $1.79- $9.79.
Fruttata freeze dried fruit Crisps are REAL MOM RECOMMENDED!

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