Everything You Need to Know About Electrical Safety

It only takes a few minutes to make certain that your electrical equipment, appliances, outlets and tools are safe to use but it take a fraction of second to cause an accident. When it comes to electricity safety, you don’t have to do very hard things. However, many people end up facing a lot of issues in their electrical system just because of some basic mistakes. Which is why here we have mentioned some do’s and don’ts on electrical safety that you can implement easily and will help you to have a safe environment in your office or house with ease.

Do’s on Electrical Safety

1. Cover all electrical outlets

Covering your all electrical outlets is the most basic and important thing to do for electrical safety in your home or office. If the electrical outlets in your office or home is not in use, then it is better to cover them using outlet cover or electrical tape.

2. Use good condition outlets

Using broken outlets is one of the biggest mistake that people do. It will not only create a lot of trouble but it can put your life in danger too. As soon as you notice any broken outlets or switch make sure you replace it immediately.

3. Use Electrical tape

While repairing electrical appliances or connection most people often use cello tape, which is not safe. To have a better electrical safety use electrical tape as it is a good option to get electrical safety with ease.

4. Hire Professional Electrician

For any kind of repair work in your home, it is better that you call an expert. Because hiring a professional electrician will not only fix your issue effectively on time but also keep you away from any kind of troubles and ensure that you will not have any kind of complication in your house. If you need landlord electrical certificate or domestic electrical certificate contact none other than Oakley commercial Electrical Contractors.

5. Protect kids and pet from it

For a better electrical safety at your home, keep your kids and pet away from electrical appliances. Because kids put pen or other things in the sockets which can cause electricity failure in the house. Also, keep unused cords away from kids or pets as it can lead to various other issues as well.

Follow these below mentioned precautions to remain safe

  1. Avoid repairing or cleaning any electrical item or appliance before unplugging it.
  2. Do not pull an electrical cord from the wall as it can damage the outlet and the plug as well. Hold the plastic housing to pull it out.
  3. Avoid using extension cords for large electrical appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, or anything else that requires a lot of power. Use proper type extension cord, for example: outdoor or indoor rated, or two-prong and three-prong.
  4. Never use an appliance or electrical device that has damaged or brittle cords. Replace the cord or repair the cord before using it.
  5. Never use anything electronic such as heaters, hair dryers or radios near a bathtub or sink full of water.
  6. Water conducts electricity. So, instead of using water to extinguish fire, it is better to use chemical fire extinguisher.


Following these above mentioned rules will help you to remain safe. If any time you are unsure about how to deal with an electrical issue, get the help of a experienced and certified professional. Don’t do your own electrical work to save some money, it could cost your life.

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