Epic Bar

As I have shared with y’all before, I am on track to making healthier choices in my life. A few months ago I did a 30 day challenge where I ate a strict Paleo diet. I felt so good and completed this challenge with no cheats; a huge accomplishment for me. I intended to continue my Paleo ways, but then it was summer and we went on vacation…twice. Gradually I strayed from this very specific and healthy way of eating. I felt so good when I was eating a Paleo diet. My headaches were decreasing, I was losing weight weekly, and I just had a lot more energy. Gradually, I am trying to get back to Paleo and have been so excited to find a product that will definitely help me; especially when I am in a time crunch! I follow many athletes and chefs on Instagram that eat a Paleo diet and through them I find many useful and helpful products. When I saw EPIC Bars pop up one day on an Instagram feed, I knew I needed to check them out!

What if there was a whole foods snack bar that was high in nutrients, low in sugar, 100% grass-fed, like our ancestors ate? Wouldn’t that be… EPIC!?The EPIC bar is a 100% grass fed animal based protein bar designed as nature intended. Paleo friendly, gluten free, and low in sugar, we believe that EPIC foods should inspire EPIC health. ~EPIC
I was so happy when my EPIC Bars arrived! There are three flavors; Bison, Turkey, & Beef. Bison and Beef bars are made from 100% Grass fed animals and the Turkey is 100% natural. These bars had me so excited because they are a whole food snack, low in sugar, and gluten free; perfect for a paleo diet. I am on the go…a lot. That can make eating Paleo a bit of a challenge. With EPIC Bars I can eat on the go; anytime, anywhere! In the car, at the kids gymnastics, at the store. Whenever I need a snack, an EPIC bar is a perfect choice. EPIC Bars are not only a healthy choice, but they are also extremely delicious! Truly! My favorite is by far the Bison, bacon, cranberry bar. So good! EPIC bars are packed full of flavor and really leave you feeling satisfied! They are a bit more expensive than other health food type bars; but worth the little bit of extra cash. I have not found another bar that is 100% natural, and a pure source of protein; leaving me satisfied and renewing my energy!

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