Choo Choo And Beep Beep

Beckham is finally getting to that age where trains and cars are fun to play with.  His imaginative play is starting to develop.  It is fun to see this development.  Unfortunately train tracks and roadways are expensive toys.  Not only that but kids want to leave up their “creations” once the track or roads are put together.  I don’t know about you but I don’t have the space to leave them up, let alone store them.InRoad Toys has the solution to expensive tracks and roadways as well as storage and display problems…PLAYTAPE!  Playtape is a roll of easy to tear, printed tape.  This tape looks like the road, train tracks, trolley tracks, or even over grown train tracks.  It is the fastest way to lay down rails or roadway for imaginative play, display, or decoration.

Beckham received a roll of roadway and a roll of tracks.  Both rolls are 30 feet long and 2 inches wide.  It feels like paper, not sticky tape.  It is easy to tear and repositionable.  After hours and hours of play it can be removed and doesn’t leave residue.  Talk about fast clean up!We created a cool roadway for the cars Beckham received for his birthday.  It seriously took me about 30 seconds.  Set up was fast and easy!  I wanted to show you what we set up and how much of the tape it used so you could get an idea of what to expect.He only played on this track for a few minutes because the tape began lifting off the carpet and wrinkled easily.  Here, see what I mean…See the wrinkle and how it is lifting?  We easily removed it from the carpet and laid it down on the wooden floor.  MUCH BETTER!  Beckham was able to play and race his cars around the track without anything lifting or wrinkling.I wish the Playtape stuck to the carpet a little bit better so Beckham didn’t have to play under my feet….but honestly, he is under my feet anyway. For $7.99 a roll ($12.99 for the 60 foot long roll) this would make a great addition to a birthday present.  Buy a couple of cars or trains and include a roll or two and that child is all set to go!  Use Playtape at home, at the babysitters, when your child comes to visit at work, or even on vacation!  Think about it…you child can pack a few of his favorite trains or cars and a roll of tape and he is set for the hotel, when you are waiting at the airport, or while you are relaxing at the cabin.

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