Design Tips For A Nautical Themed Nursery

If you’ve ever spent a day on the water, you will probably agree with the fact that it can be one of the most soothing and peaceful experiences that anyone could ever have. So, in thinking about a theme for your child’s nursery, why not consider something along the lines of a nautical one?Below are some design tips that are quick, (relatively) inexpensive and pretty easy to put together. With a lit bit of creativity and energy, in just a matter of a couple of days, your child’s room can go from bland and blank to a day at a sea wonderland. And who knows? Maybe it will be an introduction to live on the waters…as a sailor…someday.Paint the room in traditional nautical colors. When you think of a nautical theme, probably shades of blue come to mind. That’s definitely a good place to start, but don’t forget that reds, whites and even some light shades of gray and browns (as accents) can be incorporated as well.

Decorate the walls with “sailor-like” things. Life rings, fishing rods, anchors, fish nets, teddy bears in sailor uniforms, lighthouses and navigation tools—all of these items are things that say “nautical” on them and they’re pretty inexpensive to purchase. If you’re not sure where you can buy some of these things, online stores like, and are all places that can get your creative juices flowing.Pick up some things at the beach. If you happen to live by a beach or you plan on taking a vacation there some time soon, two other wonderful design additions are sand and sea shells. You can put the sand in a mason jar and place it on a book shelf or bring home several sea shells, glue them to a poster board and have it framed as a piece of art over the bed. If you’re not by a beach, you can buy sand at a local pet store and some shells at or on eBay.Get some nautical-themed bedding. One of the best ways to create a clean, sleek nautical look is to purchase bedroom furniture that is either brown wood or wood that has been painted white (once they are old enough to sleep outside of a crib, there are even cute beds that come in the shape of a boat!). Once you have made the bed purchase, it’s then time for some bedding.

Handcraft a couple of signature items. Other things that are traditional with the bedroom nautical theme include big letters, seashell garland, an accent wall with stars or waves and bold stripes on blankets and quilts. These are all things that you can actually do yourself. Big letters can be purchased at arts and crafts stores like Joanne’s and the Holly Lobby. Making seashell garlands is all about punching a small hole into little seashells and stringing them on a piece of rope. You can get on YouTube to watch videos on how to create a decorative accent wall, and quilting classes are available in virtually every city (just search online). Plus, whatever it is that you make can serve as a wonderful keepsake whether your child outgrows their nautical theme or continues to keep it for years to come.

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