Top 10 Theme Party Ideas

If you are planning to organize a theme party for your child, we would like to help you get ideas. Have a clear plan at first, about how you want your costume party to be. How many guests you are expecting? Factors like these help you to organize the party in a less hassle-free manner. Theme party suits better for a limited guest lists.

Children get over excited dressing up for surprise theme parties. They simply love the whole fairy tale look and feel.  Theme parties prove good as it brings fun and entertainment among children, plus it makes them aware of the occasions. Pirate costumes, vampire costumes, magician, superheroes costumes are some of the most popular ones among children. Generalized costume party sounds like a better option for a bigger guest list.
We have listed top ten ideas for a theme party:

  1. Children love super hero dressing a lot. They idolize figures like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman. These have been all time favorite dressing among children.
  1. These days Harry potter and Characters of the fantasy novels have become a kind of fad among kids. Children love witch craft dressing and the whole feel of magic and mystery.
  1. Also dressing up like cartoon characters of animated movies is a good idea. Dressing like hulk, lion king, little mermaid, Scooby do, Tom and jerry, the shark, and many more.
  1. Fairy tale ideas like Rapunzel, Snow white, Red riding hood, Cinderella, Tumbelina are what little girly wirly love. They just love the feeling of being a princess for a day.
  1. Also vegetable and fruit costumes make your kids look cute.
  1. These days object costumes sush as post box costumes, honey bee costumes, bus costumes, cake costumes are also loved by many.
  1. If the groups of invitees are larger you can have a rainbow color party theme.
  1. Also head gear themes where the kids can have different types of horns, fruits, hats, butterflies, halos, veils and witch craft hair dos.
  1. Theme parties where your shoe colors are the same can be a real hit. You can top it up with same color of hats.
  1. Dressing up like famous film stars and great personalities can simply be fun to watch.

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