Cuddle Bee {GUND #REVIEW}

My son loves anything cuddly. He loves blankets, stuffed animals…heck, he will even cuddle with his burp cloth.  As you have heard a time or two I am obsessed with minky.  Perhaps that is where he gets his love for cuddly things. GUND, founded in YES! is the oldest manufacturer of plush toys in the US.  They sell over 1500 products so I am sure you have either heard of them or have owned a GUND product before.  They are known for under-stuffing their products, making them more cuddly and soft. GUND sent my sweet son the cutest, most cuddly little bumblebee ever!  Let me introduce you to Comfy Cozy Buzzi Bumblebee.

Buzz Buzz, as we call him at our house, is the softest cuddliest thing ever.  This oval-shaped blanket is 21″ long and 18″ wide.  The yellow stripes are nice and fluffy, just as great as minky, and the dark grey stripes and jersey knit material.  Underneath there is a soft yellow satin material. Not only is the blanket totally soft, I could cuddle with it myself, it is super cute!  Look at the cute little bumblebee face.  It makes my little man smile. He loves it! Besides this blanket being super cuddly and oh so cute, it had magic powers.  It makes my man sleep.  Just after I pulled this out of the box, I gave it to Mr. B and look what happened, he fell right to sleep.  This has NEVER happened before.  Usually I have to rock him, sing to him, cuddle him, feed him….something!

to get him to go to sleep.  Not this time.  He cuddled up with Buzz Buzz and sleep for 2 hours!  You can’t see it but he is holding Buzz Buzz’s hand on the other side. So cute!
Mr. B loves his Buzz Buzz. He has taken it to the store, all around the house, you name it!  This will be a staple at our house until it “flies away” (if you know what I mean). Comfy Cozy Buzzi Bumblebee retails for $35.  I am sure your little one will like it as much as mine done. The Comfy Cozy line also makes a lady bug, a frog, a giraffe, a tiger, a dalmatian, a pink puppy, a blue puppy, a pink teddy, a blue teddy, and a monkey. These would make the best present for any little snugglier. The next thing I need to get my little bumblebee is the GUND Snoring Papa Bear and Little Bear.  The little bear goes up and down on the snoring papa bear’s belly.  Every time papa bear tried to tell baby a story he falls asleep and starts to snore…a scene played at my house

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