Coffee Sleeve

The first day we caught up for a coffee we realized that we both carried around a recycled cardboard sleeve, the one you put on take away cups that everyone throws away after one use. We couldn’t bear the thought of so much waste! This  sparked the thought of creating an environmentally friendly alternative that also looked funky & stylish. Being Australians, the first fabric that came to mind was sheepskin, but it had to be an animal friendly alternative. Once we found the perfect fabric, we bought our first sewing machine and the living room became a workshop. SNUGGMUGGs were born. From there, a whole range of SNUGG products naturally evolved, creating our SNUGGSTUFF company that you see today. Thanks for supporting us and we hope you enjoy your SNUGGSTUFF as much as we enjoy making it! Bettina & Julia We wanted to make a cool, stylish cup sleeve that people would carry with them and use again and again.

Made of super-soft faux sheepskin, SNUGGMUGG is a reusable coffee cup sleeve or coffee cozie that wraps around your cup, protecting your hand from the heat or cold of your drink. It folds up small to fit easily in your handbag or pocket. Now you can always have an environmentally friendly alternative to the cardboard sleeve on hand. It fastens with velcro and fits most sizes of hot and cold takeout cups. There’s no need to worry about spills and stains as SNUGGMUGGs are machine washable. SNUGGSTUFF generously sent me a plain cream suede SNUGGMUGG to review! The SNUGGMUGG is a reusable coffee sleeve, much better for the environment than using those wasteful cardboard ones and more stylish too!

They are machine washable so you can use them again and again!The minute I saw this product I thought it looked amazing and would be perfect for me, as I have quite the coffee addiction. Hot or cold, doesn’t matter at all…and the SNUGMUGG works well with BOTH!  I love using it on my hot drinks to keep my hand from the heat, but it works amazingly well on cold drinks too, keeping my hands from the cold {and condensation”}! I carry it in the diaper bag at all times in case of an emergency coffee run…we’ve all had days like that, right? The SNUGMUGG is so soft and well made. I love that it is environmentally friendly and available in such a variety of designs and patterns! SNUGSTUFF has also created several other custom items like the SNUGGBUGG, an item every similar to the SNUGGMUGG, but make for a baby bottle, giving babies a soft and fuzzy texture to help them grasp their bottle and the SNUGGRUGG an adorable, breathable baby blanket {lovey}  for little ones!  These items can also be personalized for that extra special touch!!

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