Charge It Up Charge All Wall Charger Review

When I look back over my life at how much technology has evolved and improved, I am constantly amazed! It has come a long way in 31 years! Along with all this technology comes all the accessories and of course, the charger. From cell phones to netbooks, to kids handheld games; every outlet in the house can be occupied by a charger!  Before you know it they are moved all over the house and then eventually misplaced or even lost. Ugh! ChargeAll created a truly wonderful universal charger to solve the ‘too many chargers, not enough outlets issues’ that many families are facing! ChargeAll is a universal cell phone charger that works with everything from the Apple iPhone and Blackberry to the Amazon Kindle and Nintendo DS; it literally charges thousands of devices! ChargeAll features 10-in-1 tip technology, fast charge capability, and fully customized designs for business owners.

When my ChargeAll Wall Charger arrived I couldn’t get it opened  fast enough! The thought of all these chargers in one outlet made me so happy! No more tangled mess of charger cords to sort through and no more moving my cell charger all over the house to different plugs for convenience. We decided to keep our ChargeAll wall charger in an outlet in the kitchen and I love that I always know exactly where it is and I love that the kids do, too! As soon as their iPod Touch goes dead, they know exactly where to drag me to get it plugged in and charging! This charger is great and gets our gadgets charged up quickly, which is so nice! Right now we only use three of the different charger options, but as technology continues to change and our collection of gadgets grows I know we will be using more in the future and it is so awesome that they are all in one place together!

A couple of my fellow Real Moms also got to give the ChargeAll wall charger a try! Here are their thoughts!

Cords, cords, and more cords.  Everywhere I look around the house there’s a charging cord to be found.  We have cords for cell phones, i-pods, kid toys, and more!  I even have a storage box full of old cords that I have kept on the chance that we “might” need them again someday.  Not anymore! I can toss them out thanks to our new ChargeAll. This gadget is super great and I can’t believe it took this long for it to surface in the marketplace. and did I mention that we love it!  We have it hubbed in our kitchen, so we can use it for charging everything in one place.  No more searching for the cord that goes to the gadget. We simply plug it in to our ChargeAll. You MUST get one! You will be so glad you did. ~ Hollie

Cell phone technology has come a long way since the giant bag phone my hubby and I (then boyfriend) used on road trips in college!  Who would have thought 15 years later we would be using “smart” phones that could fit in our pockets, complete with internet access, webcams, and a talking concierge!  With so many types of cell phones through the years, each requiring its own style charger, it’s no wonder why the folks at ChargeAll desired to bring us a universal charger. Thanks ChargeAll!  My brother was excited to receive the ChargeAll wall charger from us for Christmas.  Now only one wall outlet is needed for his cellphone, separate work cellphone and iPod, freeing up the second outlet for his other electronics. It also comes in handy when his friends visit. with 10 different adapters he becomes the hero to save their dying batteries! ~Christina

I have had sooo many problems in the last year with my phone charger. My original charger that came with the phone broke so I went and bought a new cord.  Unfortunately that was was about 6 inches too short and wouldn’t reach from the wall to the bed.  That is annoying when your phone is your alarm clock.  I used it but unfortunately it also broke.  I bought another cord, this time a longer one, and although it hasn’t broken yet it won’t stay firmly plugged in leaving me with a half charged phone in the morning.  When I got the chance to try out ChargeAll I am was elated….anything has to be better than what I was dealing with.  ChargeAll rocks!  The cord is long and stays in my phone.  Even better it charges my phone fast!  The ONLY bummer part, which could actually be a positive for some, is it can be kind of bulky if you just need the one adapter most of the time.  I appreciate having the other adapters because then my hubby can use it, I can take it to the cabin and others can use it, and I don’t have to have a drawer full of random chargers.  Perhaps this isn’t the best bedside charger for me but I DO love it. ~Crissa

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