Potty Training Little Looster

Since my little guy is getting ready to potty train, I have been researching the internet for the best potty chair available. When in fact I stumbled upon the Little Looster. I am going to skip the step entirely of having to use a separate potty chair away from the toilet (and the clean up that comes with it) and go straight to using our Little Looster. This will also save us a lot of space in our already small bathroom.

Let me tell you all about the Little Looster. One clever mommy came up with this great invention. It is a horseshoe shaped stool that sits right at the base of the toilet.

It features a non slip surface covered in cute L’s. So safety is there. It can stay there forever. No need to move it for the adults to use the bathroom. So my little guy can climb up all on his own and sit comfortably with his legs supporting all the potty training. I love our Little Looster and am so happy that a mom came up with such a great solution to potty training.

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